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Message Subject I've been a near-daily meth user for over three years now
Poster Handle UnmannedAerialPilot
Post Content
Kennedy and Hilter took meth.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25601325

I'm almost convinced that the majority of "great" public speakers throughout history were (ephedra itself also seems to go a long way back in this regard).

BTW, I was completely expecting the negative responses. Many people would likely never consider something so stigmatized isn't all just a bunch of cleaning products mixed together in the sink (maybe it is in southern US, though lol) Reefer madness, anyone??

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25663058

Are you really comparing a natural plant to a harsh mind-altering chemical?!? No, the majority of great public speakers were not on ephedra, or meth for that matter. I was addicted to meth for a long, long time and I know the horrible place that you are in mentally, spiritually as well as physically. It is a sad and lonely drug that leads to the eventual abandonment of everything and everyone you once loved for the love of the substance. You can pretend to act like it is all fun and games, but I know how you are hurting and how you hate yourself for it, and hate the drug even more. I have been there. I am sure I would be dead or in prison if not for the grace of God and getting saved while on a meth-binge. I have never touched the stuff since then, and never will. I was in a hard cycle too, up for 3-5 days, down for at least 1. Only God can save you, pray that He does, cry out to Him, admit you are hopelessly lost, and He will rescue you. He knows what it will take for you to finally deny yourself and look to Him, and if you are one of His, He will do whatever it takes. I just hope for your sake that it doesn't take all of the tragedy and pain that I went through, in order for you to come to Him.
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