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why we want doom...

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 21926154
United States
12/08/2012 02:18 AM
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why we want doom...
you know that saying... the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

its like that

the doom of my enslaving, shitty, society, is my hope
Star God

User ID: 18056169
United Kingdom
12/08/2012 02:33 AM
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Re: why we want doom...
most of the people are fed up with the exisisting system.
Only escape route for them is the doom.Honestly speaking capitalism has fucked the people very badly.
Earth has the technology and resources to give people free housing, food, free internet, free communication, free transport ,free healthcare,free education etc.But unfortunately world is at wrong hands.Wrong policies and wrong political system.All the governments should work to provide free healthcare, free electricity, free communication,free transport to the people.This is possible.
we have to change the system. capitalism and religions are doing shits.

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