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God does not play the computer

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12/08/2012 02:49 AM
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God does not play the computer
Hi guys, Long time reader first time poster.
Id like to share with you all a transcript of a conversation I have had with a friend of mine, now not anymore.

It deals with the bibles 'many will come in my name verse'.
And a stern warning out there to any of you that think that you are God. Because no matter how hard you think you are him your fkn not.

Just remember what God did to the israelites on many many occasions wen they worshipped those wooden idols. You are taking his place as the almighty and i bet he wouldnt like that at all, where you would recieve aknowledgement for his works.

Lucky I am not God. I would have flooded this place a few thousand times by now.

[UNK] Un4Seen: none of the entitys of hell can defeat me
[UNK] Un4Seen: but they can be a pain in ass
Nannas Meatloaf: i knew that from the beginning
[UNK] Un4Seen: they c an delay things
[UNK] Un4Seen: and cause me headaches
[UNK] Un4Seen: it more challaging for me
Nannas Meatloaf: If God is for you than who can be against you?
[UNK] Un4Seen: so it is aloud
[UNK] Un4Seen: it not yet time I dispear
[UNK] Un4Seen: but until I finishs omething
[UNK] Un4Seen: need focus on that
Nannas Meatloaf: dissapear with moses?
[UNK] Un4Seen: complicated
Nannas Meatloaf: on a chariot of fire into heaven?
[UNK] Un4Seen: I am on earth but will ascend firt and return with armys of heaven
[UNK] Un4Seen: not many know this
[UNK] Un4Seen: and not many shall
Nannas Meatloaf: so your name is not jonathon
Nannas Meatloaf: it is????
[UNK] Un4Seen: that is a human name,
Nannas Meatloaf: so your name is?
[UNK] Un4Seen: what is a name but a title, but if ye were to call me something it would be Ehyeh Esher Ehyeh
Nannas Meatloaf: i will google traslate tat one
[UNK] Un4Seen: but pray in my name of the past which is Jesus Christ, the name I came and began the atonement in.
[UNK] Un4Seen: the new name will be known come millenium
[UNK] Un4Seen: for now be not concerned with it
[UNK] Un4Seen: I am that I am.
[UNK] Un4Seen: keep your faith and try live as unworldly as possible try to follow example I showed mankind in the past.
[UNK] Un4Seen: this world is evil part take not of it to best of your abilitys lest ye share in her sins
Nannas Meatloaf: Unforseen...
Nannas Meatloaf: you are playing with major fire here
Nannas Meatloaf: Read the scripture "many will come in my name"
[UNK] Un4Seen: I am that I am, those whom shall know me shall but those whom shall not will not. the Sheep know the Good shepard and come to call of Him.
Nannas Meatloaf: The name you have given me is the most almightys
[UNK] Un4Seen: And many do doesnt mean im not here.
[UNK] Un4Seen: I am Omnipresent
[UNK] Un4Seen: I am the part of God which atoned for the universes sins, whom descended below all having to suffer the torments of hell to pay the debts of the spirits of people.
[UNK] Un4Seen: I have come now as a theif to finish mine work and shall by end be seen by all nations peoples and tongues.
[UNK] Un4Seen: It was Un4Seen.
[UNK] Un4Seen: Given to John but told not to speak of it hence the mystery of the Seven thunders.
Nannas Meatloaf: Just remember I warned you about this. If you walk around claiming yourself to be God, You will be thrown into that pit aswell. Tread carefully here because as merciful as God is, remember what he said about idols. He hated them and you saying that you are God, you are making yourself an idol turning people to you instead of him. Keep this up and he will destroy you.
Nannas Meatloaf: Nothing sinister there im just saying it how it is.
[UNK] Un4Seen: I warn you if I am God and ye speak against me and ye know not me, I can not seal ye and will say I knew ye not. For how be it a spirit whom denys their saviour can be saved. In wisdom it is best not to judge but let time reveal all things.
[UNK] Un4Seen: That way ye are not accountable for denial
Nannas Meatloaf: i know God quite well and i know that you are not he
[UNK] Un4Seen: I will forgive you in days ahead when you repent and realise thine errors.
Nannas Meatloaf: MANY will come in my name. Dont be one of them
[UNK] Un4Seen: I am the Son of God and also God I created what was before and shall return it to what it was meant to be.
[UNK] Un4Seen: I am the Light the Truth and the Life, no one goes unto the Father but through me.
[UNK] Un4Seen: Many will come in my name, but that does not mean I am not here. For there may be a million whom claim to be me and I say I am He, will then all ignore me being the giver of the fruit, how be it servants in the vineyard know not whom they work for for many claim to be mine servants ye know me not.
[UNK] Un4Seen: Judge not that ye be not judged, for measure that ye judge so shall it be measured unto you.
Nannas Meatloaf: unforseen. I am sorry but I must not associate myself with you any more. One day you will realise that you are not God and then have to deal with the fact of how insignificant you are. It wasnt that long ago that you were in atlantis. It wasnt that long ago you were asking me for funding. It wasnt that long ago that I was teaching you what happened in the bible. Ill pray for you, but understand that The real God in the blink of an eye would destroy you. And the real God doesnt play pc games.

I mean FFS. I have tried so hard for years with this guy. At one stage how was your weekend went as far as him telling me he went to fucking ATLANTIS!

Over it.lala