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Supporting the Royal Obamas


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United States
12/08/2012 02:56 AM

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Supporting the Royal Obamas
Supporting the Royal Obamas

Aaron Cantor USAF (ret) Dec. 5, 2012

The taxpayers in England have to pony up 57.6 Million dollars per year to support the Royal familyís operation (security and such.

Let us take a look at what it costs to keep the sharecropper in the White House and his family satisfied with all their excessive spending habits.

Now, this is where it gets really interesting boys and girls, especially as we come up for another vacation for the Obamas. This one is going to cost us $4 million. This vacation in Hawaii for Christmas is going to cost you $4 million. How much did we spend last year? Remember, the royal family cost $57.6 million. Would you be stunned if I told you it was $50 million? Would you be ‑‑ would you be bowled over if it was $100 million? How much do we spend? The total last year, a little higher than $57.6 million.

So what was it? $60 million? No. $100 million? Nope. $250 million? Not even close.

The answer: $1.4 billion, and this thug and his ilk are whining about military pay being too high?

Before you snakes in D.C. start talking about military pay being too high, give yourselves and your overpaid staffers a pay cut of at least 50%; you are sure as hell not worth what we are paying you, oh I forgot we arenít paying you, you vote your own pay raises, so you are paying yourselves but with our money.

You people have a helluva lot of nerve; I am surprised you can look the American people in the eyes and keep a straight face when you start talking about short changing the G.I.s who defend this country, while you are here at home abrogating your oath to protect and defend the constitution every time you open your stinking mouths (it is their sons and daughters you are short changing).

You snakes are nearing the end of your rope, you just donít know it yet, but things could get real ugly in very short order if you donít clean up your act and start doing the job you were elected to do.

If things go any further south, you rats may have to run for cover and find some place to hide because most of the country will be looking for your sorry asses and if and when they find you, it ainít gonna be pretty.

We, being a civilized people, will probably just put your butts in jail (with a few lumps and bruises), I personally would just as soon give you a good old fashioned Apache Sun Bath wet rawhide and all, but thatís just me.

Fort Leavenworth is not exactly a five star hotel, and the grub ainít nothin to write home about either.

Before I forget this little item just crossed my desk about ten minutes ago.

The Senate did it again.

By a vote of 98-0 (two senators abstained) lawmakers in the upper chamber approved the Fiscal Year 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Not a single senator objected to the passage once again of a law that purports to permit the president, supported by nothing more substantial than his own belief that the suspect poses a threat to national security, to deploy the U.S. military to arrest American citizens living in America; have any of you snakes ever heard of the Posse Comitatus Act?

In case you donít remember boys and girls this is the Obama law that allows our military to arrest Americans on American soil and detain them without trial indefinitely.

I fear there will be a lot of bloodshed over this one because a lot of Americans will definitely resist.

I will bet my best pair of engraved silver spurs that the sharecropper will try to declare martial law by the end of the year.






[link to www.eyesonwashington.com]