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if everyone forgot...

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 21926154
United States
12/08/2012 03:11 AM
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if everyone forgot...
what if everyone forgot everything they knew?

Like everyone on Earth had amnesia.

Do you think Christianity or any of the major religions would come back?

Hell no

User ID: 19965711
United States
12/08/2012 03:17 AM
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Re: if everyone forgot...
You don't know that. No one would know what would happen.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 6383062
United States
12/08/2012 03:19 AM
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Re: if everyone forgot...
Religions would be the least of our worries. We'd have trouble remembering how to wipe our own asses.

Effects Of Absence Of Magnetic Field

Filed under: Magnetic Therapy

In an interesting research done by the Biophysics Research Institute at Tomsk State University in Russia, a series of experiments were conducted to study rats in an
environment devoid of the earth’s magnetic field.

The experiments indicated the rats losing social skills, facing memory problems and undergoing biological changes in their internal organs. The researchers proved that
the earth’s magnetic field clearly affects all living beings.

At different instances of time in the earth’s history, there have been cases of earth’s magnetic field strength depleting to extremely low levels and the scientists attribute something like the extinction of dinosaurs due to this.

In the experiment conducted, twelve rats were put into a confined area with magnetic levels reduced to one thousandth of the usual strength for about 10 days. Another group of 12 rats were placed in a container under normal conditions.

Upon constant monitoring, the rats in the magnetic free zone became increasedly aggressive. It is in the nature of rats to fight to establish a social hierarchy and once
the social order is set, the fights stop.

The scientists observed that the rats in the magnetic free zone lost their social skills and could not remember how to set the social hierarchy. Added to this, they lost memory frequently and forgot their surroundings.

[link to www.woolrestbiomag.com] (with link to original scientific study)

On a side note, I've read that choline and inositol may have some neuroprotective effects in the case of such a calamity, but I'd encourage you to do your own research.


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