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After the shit has hit the fan...

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 29130142
12/08/2012 06:46 AM
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After the shit has hit the fan...
...comes the time to reorganize.

It' going to be a different world.

The "elite" will not be able to control things anymore, although they may yet try.

We will probably not have means for easy and fast global communication for a while.

Until we've seen what's to come, it's really difficult to predict or prepare for what's coming after the first "wave".

My personal field of expertise has to do with communication, co-operation, societies, creating and managing different organizations etc. Therefore, my topmost five cents to this are:

- It's good to have a list of people, their contact details - not just e-mail address but everything from mobile phone numbers to home and work addresses etc. Anything and everything you need to reach at least few most important people (in addition to your own family) with whom you know you can get along and who you know you can trust no matter what the surrounding situation is.

- It's good to have at least some basic yet thoroughly thought-of plans regarding how you try to contact each other, how and where you can meet if all communications systems are down, etc.

- It's good to be aware of the fact that many of you/us "lightworkers" (often labeled as tin foil people) are well aware of and prepared for what's coming. There's lots and lots of folks who have been very clearly informed of a number of special tasks they are to do when the time comes. These tasks include (yet are not limited to) issues such as setting up new communication systems, helping people find and connect with each other again, etc. A lot is already happening under the radar - has been happening for years.

- It's good to comprehend beforehand, how lost many people will be. You will be needing those you can absolutely trust, and it's much better to make decisions about that before than afterwards. Groups will be formed. All sorts of people will assume leadership positions, some of them knowing what they're doing while others just trying to use the situation for their advantage.

- It's good to be prepared for the possibility that many may be either loosing their memory and understanding of who they are, and that may include yourself. I've personally witnessed and heard many stories during the last few months of symptoms of this kind of "flipping" having already started. It's like you'll just suddenly wake up, not having a clue of who or where you are, or what you're supposed to do next. Has to do with the "frequency shifts" which affect different people in different ways. If you've got earlier experience of such and/or a thorough understanding of the nature of this "reality" and who "you" really are (a soul, not a mind) then you may be able to recover very quickly. Most people are not capable of this and may therefore behave in very unexpected ways.

Finally, a reminder: Thread: Global and local backup communication channels

Take care everyone! We'll manage through this together.