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Earth is Nuburu. Wait and See.

Whats in a Name.
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12/08/2012 06:31 PM
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Earth is Nuburu. Wait and See.
Earth may very well be Nuburu. We are about to bob under the Galactic Center of the Universe. Were in the top part of the Milky Way now and on December 21st just like the Mayans said we are going to pass into and start existing in the bottom half of the Galactic Equator. We go down for almost 13000 years and then start our ascent back up again.

There's alot of things waiting for us under the Middle of the Milky Way Galaxy, The Galactic Equator. Even the way we view The Milky Way and the Stars is going to change.

If were not Nuburu then thats where she's waiting for us. Down There.

I'll never get a chance to prove this though as when we start making our pass down under we are going to be in for alot of changes and they are not good ones. Mayans had her bang one.