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***2012***RETURN OF THE PHOENIX***The Epic Space Faring Post Modern Opus For GLP!***

User ID: 29270837
United States
12/09/2012 12:52 AM
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***2012***RETURN OF THE PHOENIX***The Epic Space Faring Post Modern Opus For GLP!***
For my friends in Washington, Colorado ... enjoy what you legally can beforehand ... and as for the rest, enjoy the funny tobacco before you partake of clicking 'play' below (FAIR WARNING!). Either way, you're likely to feel stoned by the end of the video:) I request a pin on 12/21/12!!!


So, I wanted to post this celebratory 2012 space anthem here, since it's teeming with symbology and ISIS flights, especially for my favorite GLP gang. It was written years ago on sub-par equipment (please excuse) and I had my bass and drum brothers help recreate it for the 2009 album - but in celebration of this month, I hope you can all appreciate the spirit of which it was originally written. Now, I'm no videographer or vocalist, just a songwriter who has felt it extremely necessary to share some of his personal musings:)


She arrives
Radiating beams of colored light
With a trail of icy tail
Beckoning the Ancient to awake
Phoenix rise
Out of the ashes and we'll meet
Above the skies of time
Beckoning the ancient to awake

Blink your eye
Cleanse the dust from view
We collide
What once was old is new
Won’t you try
Reveal yourself don’t you
We have been
Beads on a string
Right back in
Emerge again
As we knew
No veil remains
We’ve broken through

Touching down
Introduced as One
The flaming tongue
Of the Living Sun
Threads unwind us free
For us to see...

All your Life returns to you.