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KASHMIR....drunken joy

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United States
12/09/2012 01:26 AM
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KASHMIR....drunken joy
YES...drunk, listening to Zeppelin's Kashmir...waiting for husband in the shower.

I'm feeling the joy vibe..why not feel the joy? What, therefore do we really have left?

To my GLP brothers and sisters...now the next song...
Cheap Trick....Clock Strocks Ten..I'm having difficulty typing, my backspace key is getting a major workout.

Who's with me?

Those folks still here at 1:14 AM are buzzed like me...and the Dream Police are taking over. They're waiting for me, they're lookin' for me....

There will be those that will bash me for drunken posting, even tho I've hit my backspace key many, many times just to post this message. I care not. Some will commune.

To those, I guess you must never been guilty of drunk posting.

Love to all of you tin-foil hat wearin' f*ckers...I truly love ya.

I'll come back in the morning with sober coffee.5a