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Dream Of Cammo C5-a Crash

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 24522527
United States
12/09/2012 08:05 AM
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Dream Of Cammo C5-a Crash
I looked out the window and saw a very high jet leaving a contrail that suddenly turned. I looked harder and saw that the turn was"up" and the jet was rolling over tho begin a dive toward my area. It was about 20,000 feet or so. It began to come straight toward my area and as it approached it slowed and banked to the right and began to level out with the ground at about 500 feet. It slowed down drastically as it turned back toward my direction. I was in a very rural area that reminded me of Tennessee. The jet leveled out and very slowly flew along the foot hills at about 100-200 feet off the ground..It seemed like they were practicing flying low approaches under tree top level. It turned away from my direction and began to rise to go over a low hill with a huge tree on it and then it flipped and the wings suddenly were 90 degrees to horizontal and it was going to go through the tree but a wing hit a high limb and it fell to the ground.