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Anonymous Coward
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United States
12/09/2012 08:59 AM
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Hello folks,

this was just brought to my attention this morning, please view!

We petition the obama administration to:
Completely divest all support to the apartheid state of Israel

Peacefully withdraw all support, military, monetary and political, from the apartheid terrorist state of Israel. This state is racist in nature and leads the world in its human rights abuses toward the indigenous people of Palestine. Considering the constant establishment of new settlements on stolen land built by Israeli citizens, and the open-air concentration camp conditions in which the Israeli military keeps these Palestinian men, women and children, without regard to the protests of the majority of the world's countries, we, the people of the United States can no longer conscience the use of our tax dollars to support such inhumane action in our names.

View and sign the petition here-
[link to petitions.whitehouse.gov (secure)]

Good video to view and share on this situation - [link to www.youtube.com]