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TEACHINGS - The nine matrices of the lower self and the distortion of the divine attributes

User ID: 20029266
12/09/2012 12:25 PM
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TEACHINGS - The nine matrices of the lower self and the distortion of the divine attributes
The biggest and greatest enemy within is the ego-self. It is the biggest lie does not want you to discover the truth. The ego is the devil within your lower self. The ego will enslave you. Petty things in a shop window, no worry, use the credit card they sent you from the bank worth $10,000 and you haven't got a steady job. No credit checks here! Your now become the property of Satan.

This gene was a manipulation was put there at the time of the fall of man, by a false god, a god that most worship called Jehovah. I know him by many names, even as Santa Clause in the Matrix with Coca-Cola. Divine energies coming shortly are going the 'short-circuit' this parasitic wasp also known as Baal-Beelzebub.

[link to www.kenya666.com]

The matrices of the lower self are psychic defence systems. They act as autonomous complexes that oppose our conscious will, and the more unconscious we are about them the less we are able to direct their course. But when we identify them and really get to know them, they lose their strength over our psychophysical system.

“Spanning a spectrum from most dense to most subtle (and each one having their own specific gradient that ranges from dense to subtle expressions), these matrices manifest themselves as the following urges:

Gluttony – any kind of compulsion: for example, the compulsion to eat, to speak, to buy things, to have sex, or to do things in general. This encompasses all types of voracity, including that of compulsive thinking, and it indicates that the mind is stuck on the oral phase of development. It is the easiest to identify of all the matrices.

Sloth – paralysis in confronting what needs to get done. Sloth or laziness is not a moral issue in and of itself: it’s caused by frozen feelings that prevent a person from doing what they need to do. The more apparent forms of sloth act as a complete stagnation, whereby people are unable even to leave their beds or the couch. In its more subtle forms, sloth acts as a compulsion to do things non-stop, but one never does what is actually necessary and vital; when faced with something truly important one can’t lift a finger.

Greed – the desire to accumulate, to own things, to possess all the things that one covets. The reference is external, but the need to have things also extends to the more subtle aspects, such as the fixation on having mystical experiences.

Envy – the impulse to destroy whoever possesses the object of your desire or to destroy the object itself. This can also mean putting the other down so that he too may experience the misery of your wretched state.

Wrath – the destructive impulse itself, in all of its manifestations, from indifference to explosions of hatred.

Pride – a particularly complex and intricate matrix, which most frequently appears with its offspring of vanity, shame, arrogance and bloated self-image.

Lust – the distortion of love, whereby you use your sexual energy to obtain power over the other in order to dominate them.

Fear – one of the primary defense mechanisms known to humans. Fear is the vigilant guard of denied feelings and manifests itself in numerous ways, especially through doubt and skepticism.

Deceit – the most subtle and trickiest matrix of the lower self. It enables us to convince ourselves and others that all of these compulsions are not our problem at all: “Not me!” There are lies you tell yourself all day in order to show how superior you are to the other, and there are also very subtle forms of self-deceit that make you believe that you are a water droplet and not the ocean.

“All these matrices are products of our identification with the body. The wounded child, which we carry inside of us into adulthood, also emerges from this identification. These are aspects of our personality and psyche that were shaped by the tough lessons the world taught us, through various shocks of exclusion, humiliation, and abandonment. Whether the shock was sudden or gradual, our mind got fixed on this point in time when we got rejected, and we still believe ourselves to be this child. More objectively speaking, what is this inner child? It is your personal story. You remain enchanted by your personal story, and completely fixated upon it, believing that you still are this child who needed to create these defense mechanisms in order to survive.


When you are identified with the lower self, you think it is something specific to you and who you are; but as you go deeper into the process of recognizing and integrating the lower self, you will be surprised to find that it does not belong to you at all. Rather, the lower self is actually an assortment of particles floating freely through the universe, and due to certain laws you ended up attracting some specific particles to yourself. You incarnated on this planet with the cosmic goal of integrating these particles. This is your grand purpose: even before this incarnation, the process you will go through to integrate these particles was already determined.

We are talking here about the composition or alchemy of “evil,” which each individual carries inside and has the objective of transforming. The human body is a cocoon of psychological selves, and our work is precisely to transform them. We begin this work by letting go of the masks of submissiveness, withdrawal and self-sufficiency, which are distortions of the divine attributes of love, serenity and power; then we work on the deeper layers. While each individual carries all of the manifestations of the nine matrices of the lower self and all of the masks, each incarnation always has a main character, who acts as the protagonist of your life’s story. If you transform the protagonist, you transform everything else.

It is important that we see these manifestations as independent autonomous complexes. Even though they are created by the mind, they gained autonomy and act as entities that are very clear about what they want. They want to live, just as everything alive wants to live. What feeds and sustains a manifestation of the shadow are the negative emotions that it itself generates. It will do everything it can to repeat the situation and generate the same emotions, since these emotions keep it alive. The way to identify these selves is by first examining your repetitive negative behaviors, each of which are commanded by a specific psychological self. The wounded child wants to repeat the same drama over and over, so that it can re-experience the emotions it is addicted to. Thus, one goes out seeking to be all-powerful and taking revenge on the world, since that keeps the addiction alive.

The Source of these Truths! [link to www.prembaba.org]
User ID: 20029266
12/09/2012 12:42 PM
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Re: TEACHINGS - The nine matrices of the lower self and the distortion of the divine attributes
The Lower Self is the Devil that is of the Ego
The Higher Self is God within You that is Love

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