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All of you people who say you care are plastic. You spout out things because you've been trained to worship singers and actors like they are gods. It may sound harsh. People in my family died and I grieve honestly because it's real. I will not be programed by society. I am sure her friends and family are doing the same.

Here's the thing. Some scientist who is a leader in his or her field is on to something that could save millions and dies in an untimely death. People do not bat an eye for them but let an idol die and they flock to it like moths to a flame. Let her family grieve. You'll have your turn to grieve soon. We all will.

I wouldn't say she deserved to die and it was a tragedy. I wouldn't wish this on an enemy really but I can't grieve for someone I do not know. I won't grieve when Dick Clark goes either. I won't grieve unless I have true feelings for the person that is IN my life. I'm not getting in touch with my feminine side to jump on an emotional roller-coaster ride because society says so.

You can demonize me and call me cold hearted if you feel the need. you can even tell me my friends and family are going to die. I know they will. You can even say the world will be better off without me. I can care less.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27205820

Dude, don't project who you are onto others, you don't know how another person feels. Realize there are others out there that do feel strongly for people that have tragic experiences even if they didn't know them. That doesn't mean they are plastic, it just means they are different than you. Sure there are some that do what you say, but there are many that don't. I'm not forcing you to say you mourn, and I don't think you are cold hearted, I just think you are different than me. You wrote brilliant things here, the only thing I debate is everyone being plastic that is unlike you.

Back on topic:

And I am sorry for her and her family, I don't write or say something because others think I should. I do things because I want to, if I wasn't sorry I would have just not posted. Why waste the energy & time? Just tired of seeing people projecting who they are on to others instead of realizing that not everyone is like them.
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