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Your mom is on her sex tape too
 Quoting: unanymous coward is a pecker 20838399

Your mom is on her sex tape too
 Quoting: unanymous coward is a pecker 20838399

Y'all such dumb assess I bet y'all some crackers hope you die and no one will care for yo Bitch ass
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14234476

Everybody dies dipshit. And when your dead your not going to care if anybody else cares or not you tard. Unless its a family member who gives a shit, I dont.
 Quoting: Captaininyourface 29411534

such presence you fail to exude!

the upside is that you will care, by default if nothing else

when the court of "the only opinion that matters" in this regard has you squarely in it's sights

just you, standing there naked as a jay bird with only your good works to formulate whatever coverings/clothing you are allotted for the full 1000 years of the upcoming Millennium Age

that's correct, you can traverse same with just what you had on when you arrived in this world

which will probably be an apt representation of just about all you'll have on when you exit such, for all intents and purposes

since the only things you are allowed to take with you when you go are and will be your "good works"

which are also determined without respect to your own opinion, but on that which will be found written beside your name in The Book of the Living, the Book of Life, in that singular moment

it will clearly be the largest audience you will ever have amassed on your behalf in attendance that day, as you stand before He who owns your soul, front and center, with 12 billion of your peers looking on

sweating bullets in essence, with one tenuous eye on the rear view in your own behalf, and one foot fully in the grave for general purposes

as for the other foot, it pretty much goes without saying at this point, that it will be planted squarely in your big mouth

fits like the glove...

imagine that

; )
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