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Poster Handle I LOVE JENNI
Post Content
Fuck that fat ugly bitch.LOl

''wow you really are a lowlife people like you make human kind a disgrace people like you make me sick to my stomach have the dignancy to show respect for her who had talent not a mentally retarded person like you who probably has issues and is insecure for you to say that about a person who could be deceased.Ok you may have not known her or been related to her but have some morals or learn some because clearly people like you desperately need them jenny might have been known by most mexicans but she was american she was born here she traced her routes and wanted to be a spanish singer she might have been known by everyone but she only one person she was a good hearted person who tried helping people as many she could but like i said she is only one person who tried to make a difference she also standed up for women as a single mother with five children on her own being divorced 3 times and not found her true love she was a tough women with much strength objects would get in her way but she defeated all of them nothing could have brought her down she was a person full of life who said nothing was ever gonna make her sad or bring her down she night have gotten wounded at times nut could heal quickly with her strong state of mind and her heart so big that she showed her love not only to her family but to her fans she was full of live funny and can make one of your worst day become the best day of your life. i could sit here forever and say so many good things about her but this is where i decide to end it LOVE YOU JENNI WITH ALL MY HEART REST IN PEACE AND WATCH OVER US AS YOU DID WHEN YOU WHERE HERE WITH YOUR FANS YOUR IN A BETTER PLACE WHERE GOD CAN HUG YOU THAT HUG YOU SO BADLY NEEDED NO MORE HARM WILL COME TO YOU MY JENNI I WILL BADLY MISS YOU AND YOUR SHOW HAHA[li
BYE MI ADORADA JENNI[youtube][googlevid][liveleak]
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