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Alchemical Secrets

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 16777973
12/09/2012 09:48 PM
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Alchemical Secrets
I want to share with you guys my ongoing journey of discovering this alchemical knowledge and wisdom because I think it is key to our life.

I was recently thinking about the element of fire, and what exactly does fire come from? or how does fire arise as one of the elements.

And I've sort of had a light bulb moment.

When we for example rub two stick together. The friction of the sticks causes heat, and particularly flammable materials can ignite from this with oxygen.

So the thing that caused the heat on the physical level was friction.

Friction is what exactly? It's a certain pressure, A directly conflict. When this conflict or pressure is applied, heat gets generated.

What is true for the material is for the spiritual also. So whenever there is conflict with each other, there is a sort of spiritual friction or heat on that level too.

When you get enough heat and the pressure build and builds. There comes a point where you can see it as fire, or it materializes as fire.

This fire is energies conflicting with each other. The fire goes out when the energies war is over so to speak. when the conflict disolves, the fire goes out.

that's why water, a transmutable element, is able to transmute the conflict to the point where there is no conflict anymore, because water reconciles as an elements things.

when something burns, it brings the water right out of it, until it's totally dry, and it turns it all into air.

The element of spirit. So fire more or less transmutes things to spirit. And spirit is an element of truth, of purity, of clarity.

So fire works to clarify and purify, it is the effect of the presence of conflict.

That's why hell is seen to have fire, because where ever there is fire, there is much conflict.

Yet in that conflict is energy. Energy can have a purpose for sustaining life. So in the moment where conflict is being destroyed it can on another level be sustaining what is above that conflict that is using the energy from the conflict, to stay alive.

That which is superior to that which is below then could see the burning of the fire as a possibly good thing. Even though at it's essence it is the result of conflict working itself out.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 16777973
12/09/2012 10:03 PM
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Re: Alchemical Secrets
so what makes water so different to fire?

I would say the capacity for water to understand other things as it relates to itself.

Water has the ability of bringing together elements that do not seem as though they should be brought together. This causes softness or a breaking down effect that turns everything it encounters into itself.

fire seems to turn everything away from itself. However water brings things into itself.

Fire pushes away struggles. Seperates things. but water connects things, and brings them together.

An example. dissolve something in water, it's first solid and then it merges into the water as a liquid.

on the spiritual level this is like when you feel empathy. water causes an attraction to a particular truth. For instance powerful truths can turn into emotions that cause a person to be motivated in a certain connectedness.

An example of this is bringing two extreme things together, that you wouldn't normally think of. For instance someone not caring about something horrid, that people normally care about, revealing a truth about an certain illusion. For instance if someone said. I don't care if you come soaked in bleach, as long as you come as you are, That is enough. And then others would realize that what matters is the truth of a person and not what happens to be around them that everyone gets caught up in. such as the strong stench of bleach.

so when something expresses a great truth, it causes that to resonate, and that causes emotion. that emotion causes understanding that produces a feeling of intensity. that feeling of intensity when not of conflict. is the element of water.

the effect of water then, is when great truths are exposed and unified this causes a water effect things attract and merge.

On the contrast, when great illusion seperation and conflict is generated. That creates a fire effect.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 17328528
12/09/2012 10:43 PM
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Re: Alchemical Secrets
the silence on this subject is deafening.
and not a cricket could be herd croaking.

it's an area no-where goes into......
there's no light no nothing to guide your way here.

only your own light cause there sure as hell isn't anyone else stepping up to the plate that is capable or focused in this direction.

not even an attempt at a comment nothing about it.

It's not important at this point, to them.

It's fucking important to me......

I'm here, everyone else can go fucking right over there and do that shit. Occupy yourself with the shit that don't even matter to me, over there.

And I'll focus on this here....

fine, when I find the key and become free from it, I'm not the one that's going to be willingly left behind and not knowing anything different.

wow so delusion is powerful haha.
Has the ability to make it bearable for those that indulge in it.

Good luck to them. wouldn't want to be them though.