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Strange Dream about Destruction of Los Angeles

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User ID: 18128221
United States
12/09/2012 10:54 PM
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Strange Dream about Destruction of Los Angeles
I had a very strange dream. I'd like to say it's the first time I'd dreamt it, but it isn't. It just seems to be getting more and more vivid.

In one of my dreams, I'm driving to work from Pasadena. As I drive on the 210/134 freeway headed west towards Glendale/Burbank, the freeway in front of me starts shaking and cracking. The section of freeway I'm headed to crosses over what's called the Arroyo. It's basically a massive 10-lane bridge over a 200-foot tall canyon.

I stomp on my brakes frantically as the freeway in front of me spanning over the canyon suddenly starts swaying and bending as if it were made of soft clay. I think, oh my God, concrete shouldn't be able to bend like that. I can literally see it rippling. It breaks and collapses. I see dozens of cars in front of me stop, and then slowly fall together like toys with the freeway into the arroyo below. Everyone has stopped, and I run out of my car and make for the side of the freeway towards an off-ramp. It's hard, as the ground is shaking so violently. I stumble repeatedly, and crawl and try to walk between stopped vehicles. All around me, it seems like hundreds of people are doing the same.

People are yelling, crying; half are clearly in outright panic. I see a young woman a few cars away scream and shriek as the shaking ground causes the cars she's trying to walk between to come together, crushing her in the middle. She's trapped. I want to help, but I can't. The shaking is not decreasing. It's getting worse. I hear a roaring sound, coming from everywhere. It's like being next to a freight train, it's so loud. I hear the sounds of things colliding, and breaking, and collapsing. I hear a loud crash in the distance, and I hear a collective moan, as if hundreds of people in the distance were suddenly gasping in shock at something that had just happened.

I find myself gasping for breath. I'm panicking, hyper-ventilating. In the distance, I see a freeway overpass unravelling like a cut ribbon. There's dust all around. There are people lying on the ground. I don't know whether they're dead or unconscious.

I wake up, cold and shaking. It seemed like a loud bang woke me up. I remain still and quiet in bed, wondering if the bang was my imagination.