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Humanity, evolution, ascension and connected topics

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12/10/2012 01:15 AM
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Humanity, evolution, ascension and connected topics
i'll put down some thoughts here for further discussion.
no need to comment if you don't feel the need to delve into the content of what is expressed:

In spirit Humanity, refers to a collective being/spirit which has its substance divided throughout individual human forms.
In form humanity, refers to the totality of individual human forms.

The evolution of Humanity refers to the evolution of that collective being.

Each individual human form contains a mixture of different substances, some of them sub-human (e.g. Animal), some human proper, some supra-human. The degrees of these substances varies from individual to individual. And for each specific case there is a ‘geometrical center’, which can be located in the sub-human zone, human proper zone, or supra-human zone.

This is the only way one could explain the fact that there are human forms which elicit behaviors which are greatly inhumane (e.g. Beasts in human form).

The current stage of evolution for Humanity as a collective being had to do with the upgrade of the mental level. This is of course achieved at form level through the evolution of certain individuals.

Beside the evolution at the collective level, humanity in form was also an opportunity offered to monads who finished the evolution in the animal kingdom to make progress in the human kingdom.

This happens according to the law of compassion, in which more advanced monads join for a time similar forms with less advanced ones. Obviously while for the less advanced monads (i.e. Animals) this is a great opportunity of progress, for the more advanced monads (i.e. Humans proper, fallen angels etc) is more like a (karmic) duty which has to be fulfilled.

The age ends when Humanity as a collective being completes the current evolutionary level, and further evolution is impossible in the old forms. In our specific case, the mental functioning of the brain is already maximally developed, and the next stage has to commence, which is usually termed spiritual knowledge or straight knowledge.

This calls for a refresh in terms of individual forms, for the majority of human forms are not capable of overcoming the mental barrier. To use a metaphor, when a year ends and a new one is beginning, the Tree sheds its leaves, and only the Root and the Big Branches survive over the winter, only for a new round of leaves to appear the next spring.

All substance of Humanity concentrates in the Root, and it is emanated again in the next stage.

Not all individual monads who had the opportunity to evolve in human form gathered enough experience to pass the threshold to the next level, to center at the human proper level. (i.e. The concept of the last judgement).

Probably what will happen and is already in process is a transition to the etheric layer of reality. The veil between physical and etheric is thinning and some individuals will make the transition to being fully conscious at etheric level, while others will remain stuck at the physical level.

How this will exactly unfold is not so important. Whether it will involve a sudden trigger which will move the ascending mass into the etheric realm, or whether it will be a more gradual process where each will have to come to terms to Humanity, and depending on this he will have access to the etheric realm, remains to be seen.


life permeates everything. the force of universal love works at the same level, and raises the vibratory frequency of all matter.
but from this perspective when a certain human dies, the atoms that compose his body do not die they just continue their journey.
so when this event happens, and all atoms raise their vibratory frequency (which there are enough indications in terms of perception of many individuals that is happening now) it still aplies whether a specific consciousness/spiritual monad/fiery atom (which is much more evolved on the ladder of consciousness than physical atoms) is evolved enough to keep the cohesion of the physical atoms gathered around it (which acts as a magnetic/quantic vortex) so to continue without 'death; in an 'ascended body', or whether the universe formed from the physical atoms which form one's body is dispersed ('death') and another body template will form around that spiritual atom.

of course from this perspective, it does not really matter. and it still aplies whether some spiritual atoms have evolved enough so as to coat themselves in a 'new human body' or whether they will only manage to form 'new animal bodies'.

when i use the terms 'human', 'animal' i use them in a functional sense to refer to certain levels of evolution of spiritual atoms. the spiritual atom around which your body/soul complex was formed was emanated from the source at the beginning of this day of brahma (big bang event) and went through all stages of evolution (i.e. mineral, vegetal, animal, human).

animal-humans that we are is considered to be the fourth kingdom, and pure Humans are considered to be the fifth kingdom (the new jerusalem, heaven etc). The fifth kingdom is not manifested at this point in a transparent manner in respect to the fourth kingdom (human-animals). There is talk of angels and their abodes, but this is not a transparent manifestation that is self-evident to the human-animals.

human-animals are still as a species not conscious in a manifest manner of upper kingdoms. and one possibility is that the fifth kingdom will become manifest toward fourth kingdom beings.

the talk about incarnated angels, indigo and crystalline children refers to the fact that in this period of 'ascension' many spiritual monads/souls already part of higher kingdoms/evolutionary levels coated themselves in human bodies in order to help with the process of 'ascension' from ground level.

on the other hand there are also a lot of souls who are part of the fourth kingdom and they strive to evolve upwards.

the tristinction between spirit/soul/matter can be made in terms of life aspect/consciousness aspect/form aspect.

the life aspect (spirit) pervades all creation and manifests the Will aspect of the source.
the point of the consciousness aspect/soul which is a manifestation of the Love/Wisdom aspect of the source (son aspect) is to harmonize the spirit aspect with the matter aspect. Through consciousness/soul universe becomes conscious of itself.
And in a human being which is combination of high vibratory substance (the spiritual monad) and relatively lower vibratory substance (the physical atoms/molecules etc), soul/consciousness is an intermediate substance which has the task of achieving harmony (loving union) between spirit and matter.
If this process is completed the effect is illumination by the light of spirit of the darkness of matter, through the medium of the soul.

when one is still caught in the illusion of duality, good/evil etc (which goes from physical through astral plane until the mental plane), then one still did not achieve liberation, meaning that the soul did not achieve yet the harmony between spirit and matter - if the soul/consciousness over identifies with good it means it still sides with spirit against matter, and if it over identifies with evil, it sides with matter against spirit. both options show a lack of the love/wisdom principle.
the point of light is to go into the darkness and illuminate it, and the point of darkness is to create the possibility of light to manifest. 'goodness' that try do distance and separate itself from 'evil' is just egoism and denial from a spiritual perspective. to fulfill one's soul mission means to give your best in making other fellow beings conscious of their lack of balance and to help them achieve it and be at peace in the Universal Heart :)
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United States
12/26/2012 08:32 PM
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Re: Humanity, evolution, ascension and connected topics
Food for the soul, dear andreidita. Thank you for this, it was much needed.