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Our Lord gives a message and Scripture for our pro-choice nation...

Anonymous Coward
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United States
12/10/2012 07:28 AM
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Our Lord gives a message and Scripture for our pro-choice nation...
In January, will be the 50th anniversary of Roe vs Wade and we just elected Herod for a second term.

Our Lord makes it clear in the last sentence of the message. God's plan is Mary will crush the head of the serpent. Modern translations...shhhsss and not all new, look at the KJV, they totally changed the verse.

Genesis 3:15 [link to www.drbo.org]

December 9, 2012

Obadiah 1:15 For near is the day of the LORD for all the nations! As you have done, so shall it be done to you, your deed shall come back upon your own head.

“Beloved child, there is much to come. Do not let up on your prayers, but with fervent supplication entreat the Lord of mercy to spare the innocent. The sins of the age have purchased great suffering for the whole world. The culture of death has sown death and will reap death. My faithful little ones must not be afraid. Hold your heads high, for the Lord’s vindication is at hand. The head of the serpent will be crushed by the pure and lowly handmaid of the Lord. Rejoice my children! Your Lord lives and his victory is near!”

[link to www.pelianito.stblogs.com]