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NBC Sports Gun Control Editorials

User ID: 1746959
United States
12/10/2012 07:45 AM
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NBC Sports Gun Control Editorials
Thank you for excellent recent editorial on gun control by nbc sports commentator Bob Costas. His inaccurate and grossly misguided statements are an outrage to all responsible and law abiding American gun owners. Viewers do not view nbc sports programs to listen to Bob Costas espouse his views on gun control or promote his political agenda. And for that matter nor are we interested in yours networks viewpoint which your paid spokesman Bob Costas promotes. It's time that your network took corrective action for another and hopefully the last act of gross misconduct by Mr. Costas. I fully intend to lodge my complaints regarding this matter with all nbc sports sponsors as well as participate in other actions appropriate in resolving this matter.tomato[youtube]