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Countdown to Doomsday Pt. 8 -Surveilance-

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12/10/2012 11:11 AM
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Countdown to Doomsday Pt. 8 -Surveilance-

Surveilance may or may not be an important issue for the clan in the post 12-21-12 world. It all depends on the situation we are in, what event happens, and the attitude of the survivors.
If the event in question turns out to be some sort of false flag event, I expect that surveilance and securtiy will be the primary focus. Survival in that case will mean two things, having means of survival (food, water, shelter, cloting), but it will also mean survivng by protecting ourselves. In the event of a false flag, there is no doubt, people will be trying to round us up. I would rather die in the wild then be brainwashed in a FEMA camp.

There is only so much i will disclose in this post due to the sensitive nature and our survival plan's dependency on the success of our secrecy and this clandestine operation.

We will have many posts, always manned, that will keep vigilent observation of the areas surrounding the clan's hill.
We will have outlooks stationed at elevated positions on the hill. We will have dugout observation posts up the side of the hills. And we will have camoflauged and well hidden observation posts on the ground, from all possible approaches.
I do not worry about global catastrophe scenarios as much. In that event we will not be facing armies, just other clans. I am confident in the ability of our clan to defeat other clans, but i do worry about facing armies.

We will go on, we will survive, we will fight if we must.
leading after the downfall