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Happenings yesterday in Romania

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12/10/2012 11:13 AM
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Happenings yesterday in Romania
Many things happened in my beloved and rave country yesterday,as it was the Election Day!

many beggers and people with no food have engaged themselves as Presidents of Voting Sections(since the members are all political observatories form all political parties in Romania) to earn some money

they travelled with the sacs to votes and waited 8-10 hours each to surrender thei sacs and reports of voting atthe Central Electoral Bureau today and last night

-a president of a voting section locked himsefl in the bathroom and ws found dead drunk afterwards

=another president has come with an axe in the voting section and later he went in the forest to cut down a pinetree for Christmas!

-another president has locked his voting section and departed with all members to eat aroun14.00 at some local restaurant

-25 people were eaten alive by mad dogs around voting sections

-some other people suffered heart attacks and there was no salvation available for them

(so it is perilous to vote in Romania since many people died while exercising their constitutional right yesterday,many more died on snow-covered routes to voting sections)

--some members of the voting sections left and never returned

-some voting sections were closed and never reopened because of heavy snow

and other things like this in

The Eternal and Fascinating Romania

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