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Message Subject Moon through my telescope..UPDATE...my first GLP thread from a year ago..the good old days! Thanks!
Poster Handle vind21
Post Content
Seriously OP, is that stuff for real or its fakery/joke.

 Quoting: DUCM900

My footage is 100% real...i dont know about what the media reports, but my stuff is legit
 Quoting: dolamite

OK, thanks. So why the moon looks like that? I mean, do you have any iphotesis?

 Quoting: DUCM900

Is it just me or does this guy not seem to make alot of sense...

Anyone who has looked through an actual telescope at distant objects knows that even slight movement can be dramatic and that lining up the eye piece with your eye takes a bit of effort and you typicaly get circular black outs of areas which these video show.

This poster is not saying anything or making any claims about what these objects or whatever are simply speculation and observations, there is no reason to not take this as legitimate footage.

Until he starts claiming moon doom or publishes a video of moon creatures dooing a booty dance I think taking it at face value is not that risky.

Gj OP hope for more soon.
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