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Message Subject Moon through my telescope..UPDATE...my first GLP thread from a year ago..the good old days! Thanks!
Poster Handle Czarcasym
Post Content
Not a shill,guys, but it looks like terrain.

Can we get a video that shows lights? That would be something.

Also, why wouldn't aliens put their base on the dark side of the moon? Yes, it is cold, but they would have a base with advanced technology. We never see the dark side, so better hiding.

Think about it
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30290363

There is no "dark side" of the Moon...

Only the "Far side"...

Great shots OP keep 'em comin'...

Thanks for your effort...

+5 and green...

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28683220

Wrong. The moon is in synchronous rotation with the earth - we always see the same face.

Nice op, 5 stars~
 Quoting: 404error

There is no dark side only a far side...

The whole Moon gets sunshine every month...The shadow (dark) side of the Moon determines the phases of the Moon...

During a new Moon the far side is lit up...

When you can't see the Moon...the Sun can...

Do some Moon research...


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