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Message Subject Moon through my telescope..UPDATE...my first GLP thread from a year ago..the good old days! Thanks!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just remember the camera is hand held...

The angle of Saturn is dictated by the orientation of the user...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28683220

Not only that....

A MAJOR factor is that the telescope used (according to the OP in the first post) is a Newtonian reflector (Newt).

Because the image is reflected sideways by an optically 'flat', diagonal secondary mirror - the orientation of the image is affected by the rotation of the telescope's tube.
If the tube is orientated so the eyepiece points horizontally sideways, you get an image which is inverted 180º from the 'normal' view (it will be upside down)
As the tube is rotated in it's mounting, the image will rotate relative to the axis of the tube, until... If the eyepiece is pointed straight up, the image will be tilted by 90º from TRUE.
And seeing as MOST people using a 'Newt' on an alt-az mount, tend to have the eyepiece tilted upwards by somewhere between 30º and 60º from the horizontal - then the image will also be tilted by the same amount (from the upside-down position).

In order to get a true representation in a photo, of the orientation of an object, through a 'Newt' - you need to ensure the eyepiece is pointing horizontally sideways from the tube, AND turn the camera upside-down.

If the OP didn't do this, then the tilt of anything in a photo, will not show you the REAL tilt (or lack of) of the target object.
 Quoting: Karlos

Great explanation of the workings of a Newt...

I was going for the simple explanation so everyone wouldn't think that Saturn had suddenly tilted on its axis...

but I guess that's another thread...lol

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