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Message Subject Moon through my telescope..UPDATE...my first GLP thread from a year ago..the good old days! Thanks!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
the moon is still over bayou corne sinkhole. it's where it should be if it was 6 in the evening, not 6am! crescent shaped and so close it feels like i could reach out and touch it! at this rate the moon will be in the middle of sky at 12pm noon today. this has me a little freaked out! please tell me there's an explanation for this!
 Quoting: jj24seven

Its normal where its at right now. Im in Louisiana also. its all good!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28136815

Phew! Thank goodness! I'm no moon genius but shouldn't the moon be setting and not rising at 6am? Not trying to be sarcastic, Can't see the moon anymore because the cloud coverage but it will be in the middle of sky by 12noon. When did the moon start doing these freaky cycles. I did read up a little bit and learned at this time of year the moon is the closest to earth so at least that question is answered. Sweet baby Jesus! That freak me out all early this morning, i had to drink two cups if coffee to make sure I wasn't seeing things!
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