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12/11/2012 01:06 AM
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Whiterose tells ye, "about to log anyway lol <3 ill see you soon!"
Yer hearty, Scnappa, has logged off.
Ye told Whiterose, "aw k"
Captainsexy says, "never been in such a silent circle ^^""
Whiterose tells ye, "keep growing them, ill be back to fly with you"
Oineedatan tells ye, "one of my hearties is quitting for a bit. he's throwing a big sf tourney, which you should join"
Emmillie says, "I have :D"
Yer hearty, Whiterose, has logged off.
Emmillie says, "Like I am"
Emmillie says, "NOW"
Cursed says, "lets do a suance"
Captainsexy says, ">.>"
Oineedatan tells ye, "there's 200k and a serpent up for grabs"
Cursed says, "when is the right time to produce cherry tomatoes when its all snow"
Emmillie says, "Never. Cherry tomatoes make my throat itch."
Cursed says, "7th of may"
Captainsexy says, ">.> but big tomatoes are delicious"
Cursed says, "i raided the cherry tomatoes not to long ago"
Captainsexy says, "hmm.."
Cursed says, "oh no your not doubting the silence are you"
Emmillie laughs
Emmillie says, "I am, just a wee bit, but not really."
Captainderrs has disconnected.
Captainsexy says, "definitely"
Cursed says, "im a spartan"
Captainsexy says, "so whats there to do in YPP these days?"
Andrewjr says, "blah"
Cursed says, "blackmail"
Emmillie says, "Just hang out."
Cursed says, "as in design it"
Emmillie says, "I'm out, bye guys :D"
Captainsexy says, ">_> if i could I would rename myself Leonidas or Xerxes =/"
Cursed says, "they call me archie"
Cursed says, "what do you go by"
Captainsexy says, "Elizabeth"
Captainsexy says, "so you guys just hang out? >_> no offense but back in the day there was always drama"
Cursed says, "i was the drama XD"
Captainderrs has reconnected.
Cursed says, "apparently im not allowed to play till 2013"
Captainsexy says, "like cyber husband stealing"
Captainsexy says, "why?"
Cursed says, "some stuff not to sure"
Andrewjr says, "you got in trouble for "cyber husband stealing?""
Captainsexy laughs
Captainsexy says, "no"
Cursed laughs im full polygamous
Andrewjr says, "ohh xD"
Captainsexy says, "im just saying"
Captainsexy says, "had to cyber beat some booty"
Captainsexy says, "i mean azz"
Captainsexy says, ">.>"
Captainsexy says, "polygamus? better not be!!"
Cursed says, "nah seriously i was forced into marriage"
Captainsexy says, "how?"
Cursed says, "psychic plane"
Cursed says, "forced wedding"
Captainsexy says, "whaaa"
Captainsexy says, "is that a person?"
Cursed says, "no"
Cursed says, "its great for when your asleep"
Cursed says, "when you reach absolute purity you no longer dream"
Captainsexy says, "oh okay"
Cursed says, "you get to chill in the psychic plane instead before you wake up"
Cursed says, "few parties out there by the way"
Captainsexy says, "hmm i see"
Captainsexy says, "how long hae you guys been playing"
Cursed says, "since 13"
Cursed says, "im 20 now"
Captainsexy says, "wow i started at 12"
Captainsexy says, "ill be 20 in 4 months"
Cursed says, "sweet did you make any multi dimentional machinery?"
Captainsexy says, "no ; you can do that?"
Cursed says, "yeah i replaced my body with machinery"
Captainsexy says, "on this game?"
Cursed says, "no real life"
Captainsexy says, ">_>"
Cursed says, "im all precusor tech lol"
Cursed says, "i steal souls"
Captainsexy says, "hows that working out for ya?"
Cursed says, "thanks for yours"
Cursed says, "get 2 souls and ill give it back"
Captainsexy says, ">_> ...being that i think i had no choice...you're welcome?"
Superfast has disconnected.
Cursed laughs nevermind
Cursed says, "ever been to the end of eternity?"
Captainsexy says, ">_> no"
Andrewjr says, "O M G"
Superfast has reconnected.
Captainsexy says, "BUT"
Captainsexy says, "i do have a peg so.."
Andrewjr says, "guys....."
Captainsexy says, "pretty experienced"
Cursed says, "well i got black with gold trim wings"
Captainsexy says, ":o"
Captainsexy says, "i dub thee Xerxes"
Andrewjr says, "oh yeaaa? Well i've got a silver studded cocck."
Cursed says, "thats interesting"
Captainsexy says, "<.<"
Andrewjr says, "mmhmmmmmmmmm"
Cursed says, "the concept is great and all"
Cursed says, "but have you ever considered nitrous"
Cursed says, "lose 10 years off a bitches life but you get a crazy chick root"
Captainsexy says, "archie"
Cursed says, "yes"
Captainsexy says, "will you be my heartie or is the too soon?"
Cursed says, "not to soon but by now your to beutiful to be around my friends can be jerks :P"
Cursed says, "or are you able to find the solution"
Captainsexy says, "a solution to your friends?"
Cursed says, "they follow the negative path"
Captainsexy says, "i don't mind. the only thing is sometimes i feel like i can't keep up with you"
Cursed says, "no one does"
Captainsexy says, "oh well that is a relief"
Cursed says, "well hearty me :)"
Captainsexy has been added to yer hearty list.
Captainsexy grins yay
Cursed says, "im pretty submissive"
Captainsexy says, "thats a good thing or a bad thing for you?"
Cursed says, "good ever looked at the intergalactic social board?"
Captainsexy says, "never"
Cursed says, "i hit #1 and retired"
Captainsexy says, "wow so it was just a goal"
Cursed says, "no"
Cursed says, "i took pickup artistry up"
Captainsexy says, "oooh okay"
Cursed says, "successfully caded sydney and turned it into a pirate embassy"
Captainsexy says, "wow"
Cursed says, "now with your puzzle pirates skills what have you achieved in the social sciences"
Captainsexy says, "i would say i achieved"
Captainsexy says, "losing all my money in poker"
Cursed says, "true"
Captainsexy says, "i was so addicted"
Cursed laughs
Captainsexy says, "smh after losing 1mil i rage quit then came back a week later to do it again"
Cursed says, "ok me being who i am, which angel did i become when i was old enoough"
Captainsexy says, "Um; the angel of darkness?"
Cursed says, "i should be"
Cursed says, "which angel are you"
Captainsexy says, "I'm the angel of anguish"
Cursed says, "is that why i feel like a teen around you i suppose"
Captainsexy says, "possibly"
Cursed says, "in actuality you must be of the positive path, but negative was the inevitability"
Captainsexy says, "so insightful; I try to be positive"
Captainsexy says, "but people; people just keep making me loose faith in humanity"
Cursed says, "to true"
Cursed says, "i raised the dinosapiens"
Cursed says, "any races raised by yourself?"
Captainsexy says, "none; not yet atleast"
Cursed says, "being capable of such a expedition i hope you invite me along"
Captainsexy says, "would LOVE to resurrect the ancients though"
Cursed says, "how far back?"
Cursed says, "the old soul gaming ones?"
Captainsexy says, "well i favor the Egyptians"
Captainsexy says, "and the greek gods"
Cursed says, "well im a spartan i got the genetic evolved in in this generation"
Cursed says, "greek gods never died"
Cursed says, "i was hanging with anubis the other day"
Captainsexy says, ">_> really anything interesting"
Xanos says, "the spartans had anal sex with eachother."
Xanos says, "all of them."
Captainsexy says, "really"
Cursed says, "interesting i take your soul for judgement"
Cursed says, "now figure that one out"
Xanos says, "Yeah. I can't remember why though."
Xanos says, "there was a specific time that they would commence in said act as well."
Cursed says, "interesting the token you present to ones omission"
Xanos says, "like, ritualistic"
Xanos says, "ritualistic sodimization."
Cursed says, "i believe 91 is a spartan dare you insult him"
Xanos says, "Well i'm off to go read. tahtah"
Captainsexy says, "what what in the butt"
Cursed says, "anyway i might send a angel over, which area do you plan exploring"
Captainsexy says, "well egypt"
Yer hearty, Oineedatan, has logged off.
Captainsexy says, "do you think i can get a ride? flying is really inconvenient and costly"
Cursed says, "anubis says he might visit"
Cursed says, "which country are you from"
Captainsexy says, "USA"
Cursed says, "haha australian"
Captainsexy says, "Billions of blue blistering barnacles!"
Captainsexy says, "my uncle lives there"
Cursed says, "angel of machinery"
Cursed says, "thats me"
Cursed says, "i crafted the precussor tech"
Captainsexy says, "but angel of machinery; i have a confession"
Cursed says, "whats that"
Captainsexy says, "I love sutralian accents >_< its fickle i know! but i love it"
Captainsexy says, "australian*"
Cursed says, "well thats interesting"
Captainsexy says, "sure is"
Cursed says, "are you telepath?"
Captainsexy says, "wish i was"
Cursed says, "i am"
Captainsexy says, "i just sense things"
Cursed says, "do you mind me opening a telepathic conversation"
Captainsexy says, "i don't mind if you can actually do it"
Cursed says, "ok its open"
Captainsexy says, "am i supposed to hear your voice in my head?"
Cursed says, "should be like ear phonesw"
Cursed says, "if you imagine it that way"
Captainsexy says, "i see"
Rosilina has disconnected.
Cursed says, "ok so whats an indulgent"
Captainsexy says, "a person who indulges others?"
Cursed says, "a fulfilment"
Captainsexy says, "oh"
Cursed says, "or something not useful to this conversation"
Cursed says, "your choice"
Captainsexy says, "...my choice of what?"
Cursed says, "your one of the ultimate manipulators that lives among the people?"
Captainsexy says, "no"
Captainsexy says, "if i was"
Cursed says, "oh so your not who im looking for"
Captainsexy says, "things would go my way"
Captainsexy says, "i see"
Captainsexy says, "im sure youll find the one in due time"
Cursed says, "ok if you believed who i was, than in private could you talk about that"
Captainsexy says, "im having trouble following you. who would i talk in private with about what?"
Cursed says, "hmm"
Cursed says, "so an angel, but not a manipulator thats all im asking"
Captainsexy says, "ahh"
Captainsexy says, "its clear now"
Captainsexy says, "Well manipulation is apart of life"
Captainsexy says, "but I'm not advanced"
Captainsexy says, "atleast not yet"
Cursed says, "what do your require to get to the next level of your advancement?"
Captainsexy says, "I simply see pain for pain and nothing more or less"
Valentinn tells ye, "I SELL a sloop 50k!!! send a tell!!!"
Captainsexy says, "I believe i require courage; belief"
Ye told Valentinn, "i wish i could lol"
Cursed says, "do you live in terror and scream yes? thats fun as a mindfuck"
Captainsexy says, "to be firm; i feel like im simply drifting among life; no control really"
Cursed says, "thats a new term"
Cursed says, "what makes you feel in control?"
Cursed says, "anyway"
Captainsexy says, "yeah"
Cursed says, "what you lack is grounding"
Captainsexy says, "yes"
Guiness tells ye, "you talking to me?"
Ye told Guiness, "sorry lol"
Cursed says, "have you arranged your particular interestings into rating people dynamically"
Cursed says, "how good someone bluffs and seeing it as a graph"
Captainsexy says, "i wish i was immovable unless i said so. no i haven't"
Cursed says, "i have become unmovable"
Starksnow has disconnected.
The event blockade of Raven's Roost is over.
Cursed says, "grounding is the last step to hit the yr11 point"
Captainsexy says, "be right back im really cold let me go get something warm"
Starksnow has reconnected.
Bloodx has disconnected.
Bloodx has reconnected.
Captainsexy says, "im back"
Cursed says, "so im a vampire"
Captainsexy says, ":o"
Cursed says, "free energy vampire to be procise"
Cursed says, "i create strength though internal alchemy"
Captainsexy says, "so you can give me energy?"
Cursed says, "whatever energy you so desire"
Cursed says, "i am the most advanced being in this known universe"
Captainsexy says, "i see"
Captainsexy says, "this must be overwhelming for others to be around you"
Cursed says, "but thats only enough processing power to support the beauty i naturally have"
Bloodx has disconnected.
Bloodx has reconnected.
Cursed says, "so when balanced its enough to let me fit into only so much"
Cursed says, "you need endurance"
Captainsexy says, "how do i achieve that"
Cursed says, "pea protein isolate"
Cursed says, "else you choose excess and make yourself all feminine energy and become a deity"
Captainsexy says, "well im taking protein"
Cursed says, "true"
Cursed says, "i never tire"
Cursed says, "i built myself out of only endurance strength and stimina"
Captainsexy says, "cant say the same for myself"
Cursed says, "right now im working on the yang of myself"
Cursed says, "just started"
Captainsexy says, "oh? im working on this chincese food i just got"
Cursed says, "im working on finishing my upper body"
Cursed says, "my hair you see needs acidic protein sources"
Bloodx has disconnected.
Cursed says, "i used only alkaline plant based protein"
Captainsexy says, "y"
Cursed says, "to build an instant repairing body based off perfect cell intelligence"
Captainsexy says, "wow"
Cursed says, "so right brain is now all machine is dne"
Captainsexy says, "your knowledge is intimidating"
Cursed says, "now for the logical side of existance"
Cursed says, "yes its worse when i am these things"
Cursed says, "but you are an angel"
Cursed says, "so i think your worthy of this information"
Captainsexy says, "im honored"
Starksnow has disconnected.
Cursed says, "you should be"
Cursed says, "so your a lady in the right presencew"
Captainsexy says, "i am"
Cursed says, "i assume your absolutely ahead of me in yang?"
Captainsexy says, "what are you refferring to?"
Cursed says, "hmm i have no idea"
Cursed says, "seeing if you know what im suppose to do now"
Cursed says, "cause i sure dont :)"
Captainsexy says, "im not so advanced in spiritual matters"
Cursed says, "toshay"
Cursed says, "did you pray by any chance to meet me?"
Captainsexy says, "but i am a woman; the bringer of life and the executioner if i see fit"
Cursed says, "haha i was choosen as the grim reaper"
Captainsexy says, "well i prayed for the weight to be lifted"
Cursed says, "on being a machine?"
Captainsexy says, "no in my bed"
Bloodx has reconnected.
Cursed says, "hmm restart else i supplicate"
Starksnow has reconnected.
Captainsexy says, "?"
Cursed says, "i know what ying is, but not yang"
Cursed says, "so i could go on"
Captainsexy says, "thats a problem"
Cursed says, "but im a gemini something i wont leave when i left my predetermined path"
Bloodx has disconnected.
Captainsexy says, "knowledge is power; you must learn the yang"
Cursed says, "i have genuine power"
Cursed says, "i have 2 presents for an early christmas present"
Captainsexy says, "i have no doubt"
Cursed says, "which animals shall they be"
Captainsexy says, "a dog"
Captainsexy says, "and a bird"
Cursed says, "to sit on your should"
Cursed says, "well"
Cursed says, "interesting i have created talking cartoon like jackrabbits"
Cursed says, "they feed off your excess attributes"
Cursed says, "so be careful what you want"
Cursed says, "shoulder**"
Cursed says, "real life familiars"
Captainsexy says, "oh"
Captainsexy says, "fams"
Cursed says, "but dead set real life"
Captainsexy says, "a monkey"
Captainsexy says, "a dragon?"
Cursed says, "done"
Cursed says, "can you see them on your shoulder"
Captainsexy says, "no"
Yer hearty, Convict, has logged off.
Cursed says, "they should be invisible until you cant be remote viewd"
Cursed says, "but with your eyes if you concentrate they will be there waiting"
Captainsexy says, "ok be right back"
Could not tell Sparta: {1} "Could not tell Sparta: That user is not online."
Captainsexy says, "back"
Captainsexy says, "boy im so tired"
Cursed says, "so i asked the yang symbol, looks like ill be getting some adventure"
Captainsexy says, "oh ive had such a long day"
Cursed says, "do tell"
Ye told Flar, "whats up"
Captainsexy says, "well i had a morning class for college and i had to get up at 7am; thats early for me"
Flar tells ye, "Hey not much, yourself?"
Captainsexy says, "and so after that class i came home then went back to school at 4pm for 2 more classes and i came home at 11pm"
Ye told Flar, "not to much, i find myself caring now, its a new feeling, havent seen you for ages"
Captainsexy says, "travelling just drains me"
Cursed says, "what energy do you need, 100 year supply as a unchannelable ball"
Flar tells ye, "Yeah hanven't been around much, haven't seen too many people here either"
Captainsexy says, "well the type of energy i need is Youth"
Captainsexy says, "i fear; even though im young"
Captainsexy says, "I've lost my youth"
Captainsexy says, "and all the energies that come with it"
Ye told Flar, "2013 i reckon shit is gonna get pretty heavy, alot of people are gonna have routine stacks in social gatherings, so ask this guy 91 to wing you if they get to smart"
Cursed says, "likewise"
Cursed says, "but energy is yang"
Captainsexy says, "Love and anguish took it away"
Captainsexy says, "oh really"
Cursed says, "reality is yang"
Captainsexy says, "if its the ultimate source i need it"
Cursed says, "or something"
Cursed says, "well i created you some energy"
Captainsexy says, "let me ask you something before i go"
Cursed says, "channel it through the computer"
Flar tells ye, "Might have to stick around if things get interesting"
Yer hearty, Convict, has logged on.
Ye told Flar, "yeah it will be, head hunting opens new years"
Captainsexy says, "how do i sleep?i can't sleep properly"
Captainsexy says, "meditation?"
Cursed says, "stay up 2 days at a time"
Captainsexy says, "O.O"
Cursed says, "when you master ying you dont need to meditate no longer"
Flar tells ye, "Nice"
Captainsexy says, "oh alright"
Ye told Flar, "do you need any energy like prana or strength, i created you a good batch of the shit"
Captainsexy says, "well archie this was insightful and the loingest ive been online for years; when shall i see you again to theorize?"
Spario has disconnected.
Captainsexy says, "longest*"
Could not tell Captain: {1} "Could not tell Captain: That user is not online."
Spario has reconnected.
Ye told Captainsexy, "cursed.is.pimp@hotmail.com and ADD me on facebook, names nicholas archinal"
Captainsexy tells ye, "okay i guess this means i have to reactivate my facebook :D haha gladly let me add you"
Ye told Captainsexy, "good dont cum when you see me for how beautiful i am"
Captainsexy tells ye, "no promises"
Captainsexy tells ye, "i added you"
Ye told Captainsexy, "so am i beutiful :P"
Captainsexy tells ye, "you are indeed"
Ye told Captainsexy, "so aletha?"
Captainsexy tells ye, "yes :)"
Ye told Captainsexy, "cool"
Captainsexy tells ye, "elizabeth is my middle name"
Captainsexy tells ye, "wow after seeing your picture i suddenly have more energy than before"
Captainsexy tells ye, "smh"
Ye told Captainsexy, "no badge :("
Ye told Captainsexy, "true how powerful are you"
Captainsexy tells ye, "feel like i can punch a donkey!!!"
Ye told Captainsexy, "was it the picture of did you just accept that energy haha"
Ye told Captainsexy, "be careful that im all knowing when i want to be"
Captainsexy tells ye, "i think its a combination of both"
Ye told Captainsexy, "i learnt the ability, you should have it now"
Ye told Captainsexy, "it should be text based"
Captainsexy tells ye, "are you usually on every day?"
Ye told Captainsexy, "no first time in a year or so"
Ye told Captainsexy, "maybe longer"
Captainsexy tells ye, "WOW! this must fate!"
Ye told Captainsexy, "im only going to live to 30 before coming out of a cherub in heaven so i guess your coming to heaven"
Ye told Captainsexy, "my shoppe from my reptillian brain is now open and you cant be sex slaved :)"
Captainsexy tells ye, "i can't? :o next time"
Ye told Captainsexy, "in real life :)"
Captainsexy tells ye, ":O <--- no lie this is my face"
Cursed says, "gotta go"
Whisking away to yer home on the magical winds.
Ye told Captainsexy, "do you mind this convo on the conspriacy forums?"
Ye told Captainsexy, "no rela names"
Captainsexy tells ye, "i don't know about the conspiracy forums"
Ye told Captainsexy, "well im throwing you in to learn yang as an angel you obliged enjoy :)"
Captainsexy tells ye, "okay i don't mind"
Cursed bought in for 2,854 pieces of eight.
Ottovon says, "can't predict two pairs"
Boberto says, "I'd be more upset if I cared about the money"
Flop: 10&#9829;, Q&#9824;, K&#9824;
Boberto says, "But he statistical odds of all of your wins have been so low"
Ottovon won 1,400 pieces of eight from the main pot!
Captainsexy tells ye, "anyway goodnight archie if i don't see you online later ill fb msg you :) :O skellies"
Boberto says, "you have a horseshoe up your booty lol"
Ye told Captainsexy, "oh swweet"
Boberto says, "good luck"
Vindemia bought in for 12,700 pieces of eight.
Flop: 2&#9829;, 2&#9830;, 9&#9824;
Turn: 3&#9824;
River: 3&#9827;
Ziggurat has two pair ( 7 7 3 3 9 ).
Ottovon has two pair ( 5 5 3 3 9 ).
Ziggurat won 4,692 pieces of eight from a side pot!
Cursed has two pair ( 9 9 3 3 10 ).
Cursed won 8,962 pieces of eight from the main pot!
Cursed cashed out with 8,962 pieces of eight.

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United States
12/11/2012 09:13 AM

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Re: marchinery
You said what?
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12/11/2012 09:18 AM
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