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hey what the sheep? At least they are kosher.


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12/11/2012 02:09 AM

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hey what the sheep? At least they are kosher.
People may already have seen "Farmageddon" but If not it is worth seeing. What is happening on the land (Navajo Nation) concering sheep tending is happening elseware in the U.S.A. The way I see it is that we have a Bill of Rights that is incomplete as basic human rights are being threatened whereever the legalleses has room to wiggle and 236 years is alot of time to find wiggle room. We need a right to consume the food that we choose to consume so that we can even begin to understand what is happening to our food today.

[link to farmageddonmovie.com]

There are several ways to get a full stream of this documentary just follow the links to what is best (free) for you. I watched it on Netflix.

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You cannot destroy my vision when you see my vision undestroyed because I am just an undestroyer.

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