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Message Subject The Idolaters Were Not Mainline Jews or Mainline Christians - Re: Pagan Influences - This data might surprise you.
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This is copyrighted information presented under the Fair Use Doctrine of the United States Copyright Act (section 107 of title 17) which states: 'the fair use of a copyrighted work...for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.' In practice the courts have decided that anything which does not financially harm the copyright holder is fair use.

The following is a quote from Epiphanius (bracketed words and emphases belong to the author).

"Which of the ancient Fathers ever painted an image of Christ and put it in a church or a private home? [None of them ever did such a thing.] Which ancient bishop ever dishonored Christ by depicting Him on door curtains?...

"Moreover, they are deceiving who portray the likeness of [biblical] saints in different forms according to their whim, sometimes showing the same individuals as old men, sometimes as young men, intruding into things which they have not seen. For they paint the Savior with long hair, and this by guessing because He is called a Nazarene, and Nazarenes wear long hair. They are in error if they try to attach stereotypes to Him, because the Savior drank wine, whereas the Nazarenes [the Nazarites] did not.

"They also show forth deception by concocting things according to their whims. These falsifiers present the holy apostle Peter as an old person with his hair and beard cut short; some portray holy Paul as a man with receding hair, others as bald and bearded, and the other apostles are shown having their hair closely cut off. If then the Savior had long hair while his apostles were cut close, and since by not being cropped, He was unlike them in appearance, for what reason did the Pharisees and scribes give a fee of thirty silver pieces to Judas that he might kiss Him and show them that He was the one they were after, when they might themselves or by means of others have determined on account of His [long] hair Him whom they were seeking to find, and thereby without paying a fee?...

"Can you not see, O most God-loving emperor, that this state of things is not in accord to God? [Which trend was then sweeping the Christian world.] Wherefore I beg of you ... that the curtains which may be found that have such false portrayals of the apostles or prophets or of the lord Christ Himself should be collected from churches, baptisteries, houses and martyria [sites where martyrs were buried or honored] and that you should give them over for the burial of the poor, and as [for those] on walls, that they should be whitewashed. As for those that have already been designed in mosaics, realizing that their removal is difficult you know what to command in the wisdom that God has granted you. If it be possible to remove them [mosaics], well and good; but if this is not possible, let that which has already been produced suffice, and let no one paint in this manner from now on."

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