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Message Subject The Idolaters Were Not Mainline Jews or Mainline Christians - Re: Pagan Influences - This data might surprise you.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Thanks Salt. I've read a little on Pagan influences on Christianity. One of the main points of the book I am slowly reading is that the first Christian Church was held in houses without preachers. The early Christian church spread like lightning across Rome. Why? It was about being active, and it was simple, today we are put to sleep by our preachers and have huge buildings to maintain. There was no massive infrastructure overhead. We are meant to be active in "church"- where church is the people. The people are the church, we are the body. We have lost this and forgotten and that is where the power and influence has died. The holy spirit works through the people, in service we close our mouths and are not active.

The architecture of the church buildings stems from Paganism. This was due to Constantine merging Christianity and Paganism, so Christianity bended to allow more popularity and collectively more unity. Christianity isn't meant to bend we are to obey the law and the guidance of Christ. The great Pagan orators is our basis for the pastor. Again Paganism in the Christian bloodstream.

As well this ties in to worshiping on Sunday instead of Saturday. Instead of worshiping on the Sabbath, "Saturday". Most churches now worship on the day of the "Sun".
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