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Message Subject sun in wrong place...cant believe im even thinking it...tell me when i made the mistake....uk
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

So although people are telling you it's because it is WINTER you still want to believe something 'weird' is going on?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18725862

LOLs to yourself, pal.

Now do you really think people opening up here about experiences like this are idiots?

I'm 40 years old with IQ of 144 and I've been familiar with more than just the basics of astronomy since childhood. You think I would't be aware of sun's position changing during the time of the year? Come on, I live in a country where it's basically pitch dark half of the year because of this.

Don't know about others posting here, but the impression I'm getting from how they express themselves, they're not tards either.

So, we should all just believe what "people are telling us" instead of trusting what we see with our own eyes and can reflect upon years of experiences of how things have been before? Not going to happen.
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