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Message Subject sun in wrong place...cant believe im even thinking it...tell me when i made the mistake....uk
Poster Handle Menow
Post Content
ok so i was putting the rubbish out for recycling and looked up to see the sun rising over the horizon...beautiful, stood freezing my tits off for a min looking at it when i realised that it was not in the east...

dont all start shouting at once, im probably wrong put it was def south east not east....i know where north is as i had an app on my last phone but i also have an old fashion compas too so ran into look for it and couldnt believe it...even got 17 y/o son to check it as he would understand it better as hes done 3 yrs at cadets and agreed...

please explain the mistake i made to me as i have always been one to poohoo the whole sun moving pole shift stuff but got to say...im more than alittle shocked!!!
 Quoting: Nanna-Ree

If you get your hands on a globe it should be relatively obvious that in winter due to the earths inclination the sun appearing in the south east is entirely to be expected.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29735994

That is quite true...

The issue, however, is inconsistency and variability...
 Quoting: Waterbug

Bullshit. That is just your way of dodging the truth when people see things where they should be.
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