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Message Subject sun in wrong place...cant believe im even thinking it...tell me when i made the mistake....uk
Poster Handle Menow
Post Content
ok so i was putting the rubbish out for recycling and looked up to see the sun rising over the horizon...beautiful, stood freezing my tits off for a min looking at it when i realised that it was not in the east...

dont all start shouting at once, im probably wrong put it was def south east not east....i know where north is as i had an app on my last phone but i also have an old fashion compas too so ran into look for it and couldnt believe it...even got 17 y/o son to check it as he would understand it better as hes done 3 yrs at cadets and agreed...

please explain the mistake i made to me as i have always been one to poohoo the whole sun moving pole shift stuff but got to say...im more than alittle shocked!!!
 Quoting: Nanna-Ree

If you get your hands on a globe it should be relatively obvious that in winter due to the earths inclination the sun appearing in the south east is entirely to be expected.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29735994

 Quoting: IwasKidding

How far, then? State the general area where you live and where you THINK the sun SHOULD be rising or setting now. Don't say: "Over my neighbor's driveway" either. Give it in some form of measurement which can be understood by other people! After you say where it SHOULD be, then you can say where you claim it *IS* setting now.

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