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Message Subject sun in wrong place...cant believe im even thinking it...tell me when i made the mistake....uk
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
deconstructing empirical - or observed - evidence that doesn’t fit into your rigid construct based on current 'documentation'.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29871220

By the way... what these people are reporting is not really about what they observe at all. It is about what they claim to REMEMBER. What don't you understand about that? If they really could go back and "see" what the sunset looked like on a given date in past years , I daresay they would be shocked to learn that it is in the same place as now. That is I why I keep asking for pics from previous years and WHY I PROVIDED SOME. Get it?
 Quoting: Menow 18943200

People don't "claim to remember" whether or not a deck ever had sun - either a deck gets sun or it doesn't. Either the sun has been visible through a particular window at sunset before or it hasn't. Either the sun has hit a person's recliner every day for 10 years or it hasn't. Either a garden plot gets sun or it doesn't. This is not about memory.

It doesn't require a PhD to make valid observations about one's environment, especially when it is a home with which one is thoroughly familiar. And it is nonsensical to ask for photo documentation for this kind of observation...that would necessitate having had stringent criteria and controls on camera equipment set up for years to be valid, not random pix of backyard barbecues as you suggested.
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