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South Africa
12/11/2012 08:04 AM
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Gert is in his garage working on a cars engine. He is bent over under the bonnet (hood) with his arms reaching deep in side the engine bay. His head is turned to the side and his cheek is pressed up against the air filter pan to give him maximum reach. Gert cranks the socket set ratchet to a rhythmic grrrrr grrrrr as he loosens a nut somewhere deep inside the engine bay. It is a homemade lead light, nothing more than a globe in and open fitting from an old bed lamp connected to ripcord. His eyes are tightly shut against the glare of the lead light that is hooked up the catch of the bonnetís locking mechanism. His tong is out and pointing toward the direction of his hands as he concentrates to keep his hold on the nut. Martha, his wife, enters the garage from the door that leads to the kitchen. She walks up to him and stops directly behind him.

Gert here take the phone it is your mother.

No reaction from Gert, he is too focused on not loosing the grip on the nut.

Martha steps forward and wraps her knuckles on the outside of the bonnet just above Gertís head; he gets ruptured out of his state of deep concentration and bashes his head on the inside of the bonnet so hard that it leaves a bulging dent. The lead light goes flying of the hook.

Startled by Gertís violent reaction and under the influence of a lite dose of adrenalin Martha instinctively caches the lead light as she passes the cell phone to Gert, who is now upright and facing her. The searing hot globe sizzles in Marthaís palms and she immediately passes it back to Gert as he lifts the phone to his ear. He takes the hot globe with his left hand the moment he answers the call.

Hello Maaaa!!!!!!!!! Jisis Martha.

The pain shoots trough his body and he immediately passes the globe back to her, she instinctively takes it with the other hand.