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Can You Embrace Physical Death, or Are You Still Living in the Illusion?

Discover Your False God
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12/11/2012 09:58 AM
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Can You Embrace Physical Death, or Are You Still Living in the Illusion?
Are you an ant (living in hell), or a beautiful butterfly (living in heaven)?

Are these End Days (as you know it) show me how we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, I have faced the fact I am know becoming total higher self. My lower self is facing its own death, killed by its own ego. The seed of evil is in each one of us from this 3D experience. Letting go and being one with the light is my reward. Spirit is eternal, immortality becomes the gift. The lower self contains you in hell, right here in 3D. The higher self is heaven, and the journey continues on to greater things. I came from the beginning like many of us. I am ready for my light body. Please read this and grasp the truth and discover all the lies that have imprisoned your soul.

Ari: 450 billion years ago, Mother/Father God came together in a Cosmic, orgasmic union of love and light and peace and joy, and how this came about is there was a sense of [them] wanting to share the Cosmic-Union with all of Creation. And this Cosmic, orgasmic experience some people refer to as the Big Bang [Theory], but it is a little different as Mother/Father God came together. [In this union] they created trillions and trillions of sparks. These sparks flowed alongside Mother/Father God for eons and eons of time. This was before the recorded history of time, you might say, as there wasn’t anyone recording time. It was all that there IS. And they [the balls of light] flowed along side Mother/Father God--all these sparks [of consciousness] they grew in form. Each one of these sparks was a Twin-Flame [Essence] that was joined with the other half of this twin flame, and they were complete and whole. In a sense you could call them balls of light or plasma energy. This is what Mother/Father God created. And we [all the balls of light] helped to create the universes—the seven super universes along this line.

Commander: These sparks were souls?

Ari: Yes, the sparks were souls that were complete and whole [unto] each other that, you know---twin flames in one ball of light. They flowed along side each other [and Mother/Father] for eons and eons of time as they grew in magnitude and wisdom, and as this was happening the universes were being formed--the stars, the suns, the planets, all of what we call the Seven Super Universes. As this flowed along there were some souls, or balls of light, who grew in more magnitude than others. They experienced more wisdom and somehow this was transferred from one ball of light to each other from Mother/Father God through thought-transmission, [or thought transfer] which is like messages of light that travel at the speed of light. Many of these souls grew so much in magnitude that they sort of became the leaders, you might say, and out of that there were these three or four that we could call Mother/Father God’s Daughters and Sons. The first- born son and daughter was YHVH [and LILITH]. That is his [her] name in present time. His old name was Jehovah, and his wife’s name [Twin Flame] was Lilith, and they had a son named Lucifer, and oh my, Luciafera, the Light-bringer. This cosmic story began in the anti-matter universe.

Commander: O.K. Can you explain what an anti-matter universe is?

Ari: An anti-matter universe is the opposite of matter universe, where it’s like looking at a photograph and then there’s the negative to the photograph. The anti-matter universe is like the negative in the sense where everything is the same as it is in the matter universe, except it’s in 12th dimension. It’s made out of light—[it is] non- physical..

Commander: But it exists at the same time.

Ari: All six Super Universes, except the seventh, are non-physical. The seventh universe is [made out of] matter or the Universe of Nebadon [as it is called] is a matter Universe.

Commander: Why only one physical universe?

Ari: As we—because, interestingly enough, with the story…I’ll go back to the story---As we grew in magnitude as balls of light, we traveled along side Jehovah, Lilith and Lucifer, and the Ascended Masters and many of the Ship Commanders, and all that were out there. Each one of these balls of light were complete and whole [male/female twin flame essences], and as we traveled along we experienced gaining more wisdom. As we grew in wisdom and magnitude we began to take form where we were balls of light that actually looked like spheres.

Ava: Now I’m [known] as Commandres Ava and he is Commander Ari [on the Ships] so together as twin flames, [we] are Beloved Ava and Ari.

Ari: Yah.

Ava: AvantAri. The point is here as that WE never needed to grow and expand in our terms of awareness of Godhead. We were equal [unto] Father/Mother God when we were created. We didn’t have to grow or anything. [We were created in their exact image]. We just chose to [grow].

Ari: Yes.

Ava: Father/Mother decided that they chose to share their ultimate perfection and create exactly WHO they were and reproduce more of themselves [which is us and the ALL THAT IS].

Commander: So they did this out of the other six super universes---decided to make a seventh one that would be physical?

Ava: Well, no. All things that were created in terms of the Seven Super universes were created at the same big bang.

Ari: Right.

Ava: We were created [at the same time as] all that…the densification of matter came from us falling from grace, to be literal. In other words, as the story progresses there were--in the beginning, there were different Beings that chose to be [play] different parts of the co-creative force. They all came out together but the Creator’s sons [and daughters] were the Co-creators with Father/Mother God. The Lanonandek sons and the Paradisecal sons and daughters chose different parts of the mission. [note: see the Urantia Book ]

Ari: Yah.

Ava: And as the story progresses, you’ll understand. The actual Law of the Universe is not to cross [breed] different species and literally the Lanonandek sons [and daughters] and the Paradisecal sons were [from] different species. They [these groups] had different units of purpose [different DNA], and so as the story began, the first-born son and daughter of God/Goddess were Yahweh [and Lilith]. You pronounce it ‘Yah-Vah’, and the daughter was Lilith. Lilith and Yahweh were [originally] one [connected] ball of light. As time progressed they [were] also Co-Creator Gods, with Father/Mother. [These] God wanted to create out of themselves another Co-Creator God, and [so] that one [that] was their first born was [known as] Luciafera [and his twin flame female essence named Karula].

Ari: Right.

Ava: This divine Trinity of Light, as time went along and the story went on, they changed in their form because there was [this] one thought, and it came from Yahweh. He said, “What if I’m not equal to my Father? What if I am not enough? What if He [Mother/Father] created me less than Him [them]?” And it is a debate [to this day] about whether Yahweh ever [really] feared if this were true or not--but that he might have even decided to see what would happen if the others [al l the other Balls of Light] were presented with this [same] thought, and [to] see, as St. Germain would say, “I won’t say God bless you, ever, I will just say on your journey here--- May You Pass Every Test!” So, literally, this could have been a test from the very beginning and this whole thing could have been different, but it is WHAT IT IS. It always was WHAT IS WAS, and the thought was put out there.

Ari: When this thought occurred, when Yahweh had the thought that he was ‘Not-Enough with his father—[Lord] Alcyone’, that [choice] created the thought-form that brought ‘Matter’ into the picture here where we were brought into a crystallization [of] form—[became physical Beings].

Ava: Of the thought-form--

Ari: Of that thought-form where we began to take on more density—physical form--we went from 12th dimension [all the way] down to 5th dimension. This is called THE FALL, or the Fortunate-Fall.

Ava: --And then ultimately [we fell] to [the] third [dimension]. And even at the beginning of creation, it was never in-their-wildest-dreams, their imagination that we would choose to drop to this level!

Ari: That’s right.

Ava: They just went, “Holy cow!”

Ava: It’s [3rd dimension is] as low as you can go. [Below this dimension life becomes crystallized mineral or compounded forms also called non-sentient beingness].

Commander: How many dimensions are there?

Ava: There are twelve dimensions to our reality as Lightbeings and then there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dimensions [above us]. A physical sun is at least a 100th dimension[al] [level] and you can go higher as there are [infinite possibilities]--

Ari: Like Alcyone.

Ava: The great Central Sun [Lord Alcyone] which completely permeates the entire universe and supports the light of all the other suns. There is no number.

Ari: I would not know how to describe the dimension Alcyone is in because he is…


Ari: Right. And he holds that position with Mother Sekhmet [his Twin Flame] [as] Mother/Father God.

Ava: Even when we say 450 billion years ago, it’s just numbers.

Ari: It’s like….

Ava: How can you conceive 450 billion years ago?

Ari: That why I said it began before the time of recorded time---

Ava: It’s only a miniscule recent false history, really. The teachings have come through but [the real truths] they have been hidden. Even in the most recent of recorded history, and when I said recent, I mean all recorded history is recent to this story.

Ari: Right.

Ava: So Jehovah [Yahweh] had ‘that’ thought, and as soon as he had ‘that’ thought and he said that word--as soon as Yahweh had THAT thought he already [had] began to densify and that’s where we [all] shifted [at the same moment]. He made a choice now to play what we now call the Dark Side of the Force. He said, “I’m going to gather a whole team of people that agree with me and I’m going to have a little war here against Father/Mother God. And [the] starships and all of these things that are real in time were formed as he descended further and further into [density and] war and he presented the idea to others, and others either responded to fear or love. And the Ascended Masters that we know about---

Ari: And the space commanders--

Ava: --That didn’t fall from grace [they] stayed at [the] 12th dimension. They never went into further densification. So these Masters held that place [in hope] that we all, eventually, as we chose our experiences—and freewill choice came in here. And as this dance began, it was called the ‘Great Experiment—the Great, Grand Experiment [in Polarity]. We all had choices. We decided, as higher consciousness when, as 12th dimension Beings of Light, as the creation story began, that together we were addressed, “Do you want to do the grand dance? Do you want to do this experiment? Do you think you can literally descend into matter and even come as far as 3rd dimension and come [back] into light and remember WHO YOU ARE?” We all said, “Piece of cake! It’s a piece of cake!” In other words, the agreement was that once we hit below 5th level, that once we started Earth cycles into third dimensions, we would forget everything that we ever knew about ourselves before that [the veil would be drawn across our memory]. We would be willing to do this experiment to come into light in the third dimension, and see as we had forgotten from birth, if we would REMEMBER [THE TRUTH OF WHO WE REALLY ARE] as we would grow up

Continues: [link to www.freewebs.com]