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The four horses of book of revelation.

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12/11/2012 11:43 AM
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The four horses of book of revelation.
Today I wish to speak about the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, as it has been called. This comes from the “Revelations of John,” in the New Testament. These were familiar topics to writers long before John wrote about them. They were common knowledge among those who were philosophers, educators, and those who had time to reflect and think about the larger course of the world that they lived in, and the civilization that they knew. There were four inevitabilities that seemed to persist throughout the ages, decades and millennia, in all civilizations before these thoughts were written down. Those were that war and conflict seemed to be persistent, continuous and endemic in all cultures of the world, and that they bring death and the diversion of resources from a nation’s positive constructive growth and its sustainability to the devastation of those populations involved in the conflict.

The fact that John mentioned them as a part of the apocalyptical revelation does not diminish the fact that they existed beforehand. You are also aware that war has been persistent, continuous and endemic to the cultures of your world since the writing of Revelation. You live in an ongoing apocalyptic era; this is common knowledge to us. You have put the apocalypse as something occurring at a future date, but my friends, you are living through the apocalypse now. When he wrote about war, as one of the four horsemen, he did not necessarily mean that it would be continually present in all cultures, in all places, in all spots and locales of the world, that this was something that would typify an era of great change in your world, and so it does even now. Yet, within many nations, there is peace, there is stability, there is tranquility, even. The point of discussing war is that you are very familiar with it; it is something that is, unfortunately, inculcated in your world’s culture; it is a part of your genetic code; it is part of the global consciousness of humanity, and it will take decades and centuries to cleanse the racial memory from your bodies, those of your progeny and from the planetary mind of humanity of this world. We are not saying “get used to it, it is here”—far from it—and I will speak more about that at the end after I have discussed the other horsemen.

Pestilence has always been a part of the human population’s problems. It has been a scourge at times, and at others it is just affecting the individual, but until the advent of the 20th Century, and the incredible cures and medications that act against pestilence, it was endemic, continuous and worldwide through all the existence of humanity. It too, is a remnant of the malfeasance of office of the Planetary Prince and others. Their behavior, their actions are inexcusable, and they have chosen to bring their existence to termination, rather than continue to be faced with the errors of their thinking, which has affected billions and billions of people on your planet.

As we have said before, the medical marvels of the 20th Century have only delayed the severity of the eventual scourge of pestilence upon your planet, which will affect your planet’s population. I say these things—and when I say “I,” I mean myself and my team, who reveal these things to you—I do not present these things to scare the wits out of you, for there would be no product or benefit from doing so. Just as with war, you are fully acquainted with pestilence, as it has affected some populations of your global species. There are some infections and viruses that are very frightening, which cause tremendous disintegration of your bodies, that have come to the presence of your various national centers for disease control, and your international bodies as well. They have done well to suppress the expansion of these outbreaks.

The factor of war and pestilence will be one of several contributing factors to the great difficulties of your populations in the near future. Those of you who have diligently read these sessions, know these things already—this is not news to you—and there is some news to provide to you, which we have done before, but we wish to reiterate again, and I will save that towards the last, as well.

The Third Horseman of the Apocalypse is famine. This, too, is not specifically designated as a part of the apocalypse, which John specified, but has always been an aspect of human existence, throughout history of your species. Famine has always been a factor for cultures that have outgrown their base and provisions of food sources. In a world that is connected internationally, local famines have less and less effect, as those nations which produce abundance and a surplus, share their wealth, their surpluses with those who have little. Of course, this is at the will and whim of those who have the means to do so, but in a global equation, in a planetary management sort of situation, the world population is sustainable when the excesses or surpluses are shared with those who have less. This overcomes the local problems of local famines that come about through plant disease, drought, storms, floods, and so on.

This generation, or within the last fifty years or more, is very well acquainted with famine as the world news organizations have provided greater coverage of news about those areas in famine. Many of you—younger ones will not recall—but older ones of you will recall the famines in India that occurred during the 1950’s and 60’s, which was thwarted or overturned by the “green revolution” of pesticides and fertilizers. Yet you are currently seeing the limits and the damages that have been brought into existence by excessive use of fertilizers and of pesticides. You are seeing the end plays possible through these agricultural additions. There are fewer further benefits available to the global population for expanding global grain production, produce production, in the same manner that was experienced in the 70’s and 80’s. You will, in fact, be seeing reversals of that trend, as the detrimental effects of fertilizers and pesticides begin to take place. What we are saying here is that users of those agricultural additives have not done so in a means that would sustain the levels that they had earlier experienced. They have not used them in a wise manner to counteract early on the deficiencies or detrimental aspects of those additives.

Of all the Horsemen here, war and famine are your most contemporary horsemen—you are well familiar with them. You are living with this apocalypse now. Were you frightened yesterday about these horsemen prancing around your world? Most of you who are reading this will say, “No, it was not a factor in our community, or our family, or our society. It usually takes place somewhere else.” So you have gotten used to these difficulties; you have become numbed by their presence. Even in highly technological nations, the traffic deaths that your countries bear have become just another statistic to you; until it affects you personally, where your family member or neighbor has been killed in an automobile accident, then you take it quite personally. Otherwise, the thousands of people who are killed on your highways do not seem to have much effect upon you. I am not saying this to diminish your caring, or your heart-centered sympathies for those around the world—not at all—I am saying this to bring you in the present moment to become aware that you are living in the apocalypse. This is not something that is going to happen at 11:59 on December 21, 2012; it is occurring now, my friends.

I am grasping for metaphors to show you how the cincture, the knot of sustainability and survivability is getting tighter around the neck of your civilization, as it exists of seven billion people on this small world. As I say, I struggle for appropriate metaphors so you can thoroughly understand the slow, progressive throttling that your global civilization is now experiencing. When I say, “throttling,” I truly mean that; it is a slow, cutting back of velocity of progress of your world as a whole civilization. Yes, technology, economies do try to race ahead and manipulate the environments in which they exist, so there can be continued growth, but as a global civilization, the degree of progress as a civilization is slowing and will begin to sink.

Now, the Fourth Horseman, Death, is a natural expectation of life, just as new individuals are born into existence here on your planet, so too those flash out of existence as material beings on this planet. Death is a natural experience of life; it is a termination of this embryonic caterpillar existence, before you completely change into the butterfly of morontial existence. For some of you, death holds no mysteries; for some of you, you are not surprised at death, you are not disturbed by it, but you accept it as a part of life termination, as a part of life’s existence, and that you delay its occurring appropriately, to the extent that you can have a meaningful life, a fruitful life, a life of quality. Death for many of you, who are gravely ill, for those who are in and out of the phases of Alzheimer’s, it is something that you wish to embrace. Death for those who are in the rapid pace of life and living is something to be avoided and not even thought of, so it is shocking to those of you in this phase of life and living, which is so enjoyable and so exciting and so fulfilling to your ego and to your personal embellishment, that you wish to hold it at arms length, in abeyance, as long as you can. Yet, death is part of the flow of life; it is a natural outcome of living; it is something that occurs.

Many of you are dismayed by the possibility of a serious decimation of the global human species.

Those who seek God seek everything, those who find God find everything.