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The Truth You Will NEVER Hear Anywhere Else

Zion Master
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Trinidad and Tobago
12/11/2012 01:22 PM
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The Truth You Will NEVER Hear Anywhere Else
Firstly, if you are a christian and get offended easily, then don't read this. You need to let go before I can teach you.
Secondly, I am not from Africa, I actually live in the Caribbean.

Let me begin by saying that I signed up on the forums just to share my knowledge. I was a christian for many years til I came across the truth. The truth that ALL religion are lies. No more than just merely politics long ago, it's an old form of politics that still has people going fanatic.

Jesus (whose name was actually Yeshua) was no son of God, he was a prophet and a freedom fighter fighting for the liberation of Israel against the Romans who invaded the land and came from asia. They came from the Caucasus Mountains which is why they are called Caucasians. The remaining forces situated in Israel are Israelites and not Jews. Jews are BLACK people who come from the city of Judea (note that I am not black, but I am NOT ignorant of the truth. Read it for yourself in the book of revelations, it says, 'Those who say they are Jews but are not'. That being said, Yeshua was a black man.

Symbolic Sun God Jesus:

Ok now it's going to get interesting. What if I told you that the all seeing eye is not evil and all Egyptian mythology are true. You would probably deny it won't you.

Ever looked at spongebob? I know you still do.
The subliminal brainwashing in spongebob:
Mr Krabbs + Money = Good & Plankton + One Eye = Bad
That being said, it is clear to establish that your children already have a distinction between what is good and what is evil. However, it is sadly mixed up. We worship the satan and don't even know it. Start praying to the light, the lord of light will enlighten you. This is all the time I have for now but I shall finish this topic later. lala
Seek no god to save you but yourself!

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United States
12/11/2012 01:29 PM
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Re: The Truth You Will NEVER Hear Anywhere Else