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Jesus was vulnerable to our weakest behaviors.

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12/11/2012 01:46 PM
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Jesus was vulnerable to our weakest behaviors.
This is not another you're bad I'm good Jezu story. This is the heart. Jesus was vulnerable to the worst behaviors humans could put out. Pretty near all of them.

Did he go to France, to Hell, to Heaven and back? It doesn't matter that much, the point is he circumvented the learned human trait to win by skill, power, cunning. He let himself get hurt. And he retained access to the fullness of His potentials, he loved.

While I myself to not advocate this behavior. It's great to know there is a force out there that can separate out what is learned from what is possible.

It is the ultimate conspiracy. Expanding while contracting. ... Originally I put "what the fuck" right here but then I deleted it because it is not appropriate.

Just so's you know, I do love you all even though sometimes I am an ass.