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Message Subject If there is cure for cancer how come billionaires die from it anyways?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Like Steve Jobs and many others?
They are /were not stupid people.
Then why ???
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29627977

Relly people? Must we go over his again?

The 'privelaged' people we see in hollywood, business and politics are not the elite. They are the pupets that the elite use to direct, control and influence the masses of cattle they consider us to be.

Although the puppets live a more luxurious life than the cattle, they still do not have the benefits that the elite have. They are still kept in the dark about the truths of life and the universe and in fact, that keeping in the dark is absolutely necessary to secure their position as puppets. So they have to buy into all the BS that is fed to the cattle, hook line and sinker in order to preserve their lifestyle which they love more than life itself which is evidenced by the fact that many are willing to die rather than cure themselves of curable diseases.

I can't believe on this site of freethinking conspiracist, this question was actually asked.

Your only saving grace is that you are an AC and you get the benfit of the doubt that you may be new.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6753462

Well I am an average Joe but I get informed on natural cures,as a matter of fact I've seen close people with terminal cancer get cured with natural medicine.
Those people should have an army of investigators for remedies,natural and otherwise.
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