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Message Subject If there is cure for cancer how come billionaires die from it anyways?
Poster Handle my2centsworth
Post Content
Steve went homeopathic and it killed him.
 Quoting: SheldonCooper

Well, homeopathy is idiotic. Might as well take sugar pills -- oh wait, that's what most of it is!
 Quoting: Super Bowl Dave

Nothing cures everything.
That includes many natural cures as well as Big Pharma "cures"... Big Pharma is in the game to make money... they want you alive, but sick, they don't cure a degenerative disease.

Natural therapies can make you healthy... but you have to find the therapy that works for you. That takes time and as we know, there are some fast moving cancers that don't allow the time for trial and error.

Many of the wealthy people believe in Big Pharma, that is why they allow themselves to be "poisoned" (that is what chemo therapy is, poison). They believe in the system that made them rich. By the time they figure out that system is actually killing them... there often isn't enough time to figure out which natural therapy will work for them.

Different causes of the disease require different approaches.... Different areas of the body would also require different approaches. So their best bet is to try something they think will work for them and hope.

Too bad they wouldn't just go to Dr Berzynski who would have the tools and the skills to figure that out and put together a therapy for them. But then, they are being told Dr Berzynski is a charlatan, a phony, preying on people’s weaknesses... They lie! We know they lie... but many don't know they lie.

Marijuana oil, would have been a good thing for them to learn about too... If only they'd research this stuff for themselves and not believe the law, that says, it's illegal, and useless as a medicine... Again they lie.

The rich are as prone to being duped as the poor. The rich however rarely want to admit they've been duped... so they die silently.

Oh, and by the way, homeopathy does work for many things. But I'd put my money on Marijuana, Esiac Tea, Lemon water and baking soda and Dr Berzynski before I put it anywhere else if I was told I had cancer.
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