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Message Subject If there is cure for cancer how come billionaires die from it anyways?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Cancer charities are the biggest scam going. Why does anyone think each and every institute numbering thousands independently "researching" the same issue is the efficient way to go? Your money is spent paying doctors huge salaries to write meaningless reports. More White Papers are written about cancer than people cured of it.
 Quoting: hidflect 23218892

Agree completely about cancer "research" charities. After 40 years they're still saying 75% of breast cancers are of unknown cause. Sure they don't know (because common corporate practices made sure of that) but by now most peeps have figured it out.

Jerry Lewis's marathon windfalls (for 'research') and His Kids are same as ever, no progress ever spoken of since the 60's, and His Kids are still falling apart in wheelchairs who wonder why nobody ever mentions results for those millions.

"Christian" foreign adoption agencies. A client of mine wasn't in it for stigmata running down from her hands I assure you cynical as f*ck.

Red Cross. Need I say more.
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