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Message Subject If there is cure for cancer how come billionaires die from it anyways?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Like Steve Jobs and many others?
They are /were not stupid people.
Then why ???
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29627977

When it comes to trying anything new human nature is to try things that we have learned about from those we know, like and trust.

Billionaires are often surrounded and insulated by layers of people. Unless one of them is aware of a natural cure for cancer, the billionaire won't find out about it, or if he does hear about it from outsiders, he or she will dismiss it because they information doesn't meet the three criteria (Sourced from someone they know, like and trust.)

That said, there are rich people who secretly seek out alternative treatments for themselves. They don't tell others because they want to keep their reputations in tact. One of the greatest fears among the highly successful is being made fun of. For you and me our greatest fear might be going broke or losing our homes. For them, those issues are covered. So their biggest fear is social disapproval.

People high up in politics will do the same. They will get treatment for themselves or a family member, but won't tell anyone for fear of being made fun of and then losing an election because of it.

Physicians will also do much the same.
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