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I'm upset CRAZY dream

User ID: 945308
New Zealand
12/12/2012 04:59 PM
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I'm upset CRAZY dream
About three years ago I started having these weird dreams where someone visited me and disclosed more and more info about themselves. I assumed this being was an alien and him and his clan run than this planet. He told me how they interacted with man.

Well, at first I had a lot of trouble coming to terms with these dreams but then after a while no matter how out of it they were, I got used to them. They usually repeated so it was always just a bit more of the same, plus a new detail here and there, over time the picture built up.

Anyway, I decided I would write a book and tell my crazy story to the world. It was riveting after all and for a laugh, I thought I would write it all down and publish it.

A couple of years back I noticed that there were strange similarities between my dreams and parts of the bible. I'm a confirmed anti-religious type. This odd connection I noticed in revelations, when I just happened to pick the bible up, was really just a bit of a giggle to me.

Then I decided, well, for the hell of it I should make my story really freak people out. I should find every biblical connection I can and then that will spin the fuckers right out!

I thought this was a funny idea, but mostly I was just writing the story down and doing things like reading books on how to write a novel etc etc. Every now and then I would "word" search the bible. It's a huge book, who has time to read that. Anyway over time I eventually read more and more chapters of the bible and searched out more and more words and I discovered a code in the bible. Once I spotted this, I thought damn, I have to unlock this code and find out what this book is really saying because it sure is hell is not telling the cover story.

Over the last few weeks, it has been like a water-shed moment and the bible unlocked itself to me and I could read what it was really saying. WOW, then I thought I should share this with the world. I should write a book which discloses what the bible really says. I decided I could probably put that together without too much trouble and could include some in my other book as well.

Good plan, I thought ... but then I got scared because up until that point it had not really occurred to me what I would be doing. What it turns out I would be doing is clarifying what Jesus said. Him and the other prophets and mostly I thought, well so what?

Then when I went to bed last night, the visitor, visited again and he said "You do realize what this means don't you? That makes you are the next Christ and they will do to you what they did to him."

Well, now I was seriously uninterested. I decided I would bury my book. I can't bring myself to destroy it (not yet anyway). Then he said to me later in the night "So do you know who you are yet?" and I said "no" and he said "well one of the witnesses has already spoken you have yet to speak." and said "Fuck that, find some other idiot. My lips are sealed."

What a terrible dream!