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BREAKING::: More Mysterious Loud Booms Reported Augusta, GA

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United States
12/12/2012 05:27 PM

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BREAKING::: More Mysterious Loud Booms Reported Augusta, GA
Columbia County Emergency Management Agency director Pam Tucker tells WJBF News Channel 6, there have been widespread reports of the booms during the last 24 hours. Tucker describes the reports as booms which sound like "explosions or thunder".

Tucker says officials still do not know the cause of the booms, but she says the reports are widespread, "coming from areas all over the CSRA".

[link to www2.wjbf.com]
Anonymous Coward
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United States
12/13/2012 10:21 PM
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Re: BREAKING::: More Mysterious Loud Booms Reported Augusta, GA
atmospheric technologies

plasma physics, scalar functions plus electronics
VLF ELF HF and various frequencies
manipulation of metallic ions, atmosphere is now a conductor. positive ionospheric, negative ( earth) charges manipulated- at some point voltage potential increases until a release,
plasma is manipulated to be in cold or hot state. Don't know what that means though. ( gaseous/solid?)

Do know the frequency ion manipulation is used to create a hard plasma layer. This clearly can be intentional from what I have read, but I am guessing some of it is unintentional consequence of operations. When this occurs, sound associated with electrical discharge is "ducted". (their term ,not mine) as if through a tunnel or duct. Resonance is also created. The duct can have an intended outlet or not. Energy is released and moved by these technologies. And as sci fi and impossible as it may sound, they use 4 dimensional space time, or some approaches work with an electormagnetic 5th dimension. Both apply scalar type calculations to technology. It is working at molecular chemical levels with molecules and atoms.

Purpose of this is varied- communications, weaponry, energy harvesting- potentially, shielding from detection, weather changes ( technology by it's nature heats and cools (I think) atmosphere, not and cool areas can be created to interplay) It ceratinly acan cool the earth surface. Facilitates rapid and expansive radar and other scanning and sensing systems. makes atmospheric mirrors to bounce the frequencies upward to satellites, downward to earth, aroudn planet, to aircraft,etc

Not sure specifically how the booms are created. One person has said it is the result of an adjustment of interfermometry (a key part of how this works) with a grid already laid down atmospherically.

We have had a whole range of these through florida. Earth frequencies reacting to all this might also be factors.

I saw recently someone around Ft Stewart was seeing a ceiling of aerosols laid down the same time we had increased similar activity in north florida for 3 days. There is something regional going on I would say.

AS we have had intensive intrusion here earlier in the year and last year, I can add that the aircraft sounds can be amplified, ressonant and distorted into overtones. Some of these seem like they must be ducted, and others seem that the aerosol formations overhead as they get more dense or perhaps just different qualitatively, can increase ressonance and amplification to earth surface and make the ambient air space at the surface more ressonant and amplified as well. I think this is happening with any radio frequencies on the aricraft that bounce toward the surface also.

My experience of it started in march 2011 when there was a shaking ( in the air) that shook buildings from palm coast to st augustine Florida on March 18. Then I discovered there had been one Feb 9 in the panhandle- approximately same latitude ranges. Then I discovered that the 2 times we had had electric buzzes and phased modulated frequency tones ( like tuning aham radio maybe?) Tthe Dept of defense had been testing off the jacsonville and kings bay ga area. The FAA had put out a memo about aircraft GPS systems might be screwed up or not work, and I actually had several friends whose car gps did not work right (tallahassee area). Of course we didn't know about the tests at the time.

During a several month project dec last year, really starting full force jan 13 this year and through april at least, we had many audio , electronic, EM, increased density ( gravity) events, many ongoing although the specifics of the frequencies and sound variables would alter. WE had a number of booms as well during that time. They seemed to come from the same direction.

Just be aware that it involves electrical charge and resulting sound.
The effects of the technologies in 3 space where we experience the world are electromagnetic and gravity/density alterations. The operations performed, involve energy release and it's movement in or out of the point that is targeted by interferometry if that is still what is used.

My information is not more current than 2006 I think and I am sure it has evolved as I have seen the visble aerosol manipulation protocols alter through time since they became disturbingly evident in mid march 2011.

Google geometric modulation and beam painting (together) also probably VLF lab at stanford has some info online. MIT has info on digisonde. google HF heating of magnetoshpere , maybe weather as a force multiplier if these itens are still easily accessible.

Digital technologies use some of the bandwidths ( in atmosphere) as well, and apparently the FCC gives licences, but doesn't regulate anything to prevent interference of one business to the military or another business, or if amplification and directional issues cause problems at the earth surface.

As far as tool, the ones I know of fall into the area of transmitter,s receivers, antenas, equipment that produces audio waves. The conductivity of the atomosphere is a critical component, and that is controlled.

Also bear in mind that mining, oil gas , other, and mineral surveying use sound vibration (google Vibratron), em techniques and that might add some imbalances between earth and atmosphere