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Complaining about how long the traffic light takes to change in your BMW.

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12/13/2012 10:27 AM
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Complaining about how long the traffic light takes to change in your BMW.
I would post this video of some strange lights over Bangkok but I will not. I read the absolute shit people give each other and don't feel like being judged by anyone that hasn't done a real days work for another person without wanting some reward. Until people realize that other people on this earth DIE if they don't work we cannot call ourselves human. Why do we allow beautiful young girls to become prostitutes in Thailand? So our men can have their way for less than it costs to fill up your car. They have great minds but little to no education. Is this really how we treat each other? World peace! What a joke. We all are a disgusting race who look sideways every time someone needs us as we are in a hurry to do nothing of importance constantly. Next time your in your nice car and beep your horn at someone in front of you for being late to nowhere of any consequence remember there are people a few thousand Kms away training buffalo not to run away in thunder storms and to plough a farm just to eat rice in order to survive. Trust me we can help everyone without the need of any government. If you are born, you are responsible for all mankind. It's not hard to really change this world. Just stick together and pool our money. We hold all the money on the planet.