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Message Subject Occult Translation of Roswell UFO Crash, the Coming of the Supernatural King, and 2012
Poster Handle natasha77
Post Content
Op, I don't mean to troll or hijack the thread. Good find!
I have to tell you that I went to school with a Hollis Hall.
He wanted to be my boyfriend, but although he was a doll, I found the things he told me scary.

He said his Grandfather was Manley Hall And he would always talk about how there was a new world coming, and told me things that back then didn't make any sense.
He came from money, and he was obsessed with the change coming to the world.

I dumped him. He wanted to get closer to me, but I just couldn't believe his philosophy of life.

Long story short, had I married him, I wonder where I would be at in life right now.

Just ironic.
After all these years I have looked for him to no avail.
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