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Message Subject Psychiatry goes insane! Every human emotion now classified as a mental disorder in new psychiatric manual DSM-5
Poster Handle 071676
Post Content
Only so they can have more basis from which to peddle their new (and mostly untested) drugs...

This is all about profit and control.
 Quoting: SaveUSa

No, I believe it is a bit more sinister than that. Once you have been diagnosed with some "special" mental disorder, you lose all control over yourself. The government then has a right to take total control over you, refusing any and all contact from family members or any other medical doctors that might claim a different diagnosis. With 90% of the people now diagnosed as "mental" they can be removed from public contact and disposed of quietly and efficently, reducing the human population enough to self support the TPTB's agenda.
 Quoting: 071676

Yup. And take away your right to own a gun. It's already happening. This is how they're going to accelerate gun confiscation.
 Quoting: black calx

Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of what Hitler did to Germany in the 1930's. He, through the use of special psychiartrists workking for him, decided that the best thing to do with the "special" mental and physically impaired people was to have them removed to a government run hospital where they will be executed, though families will be mailed a report that the family member in question died of some mysterious ailment or operation. There are now reports that several hundred people died after having an operation to remove tonsils that had already been removed.
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