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Message Subject Psychiatry goes insane! Every human emotion now classified as a mental disorder in new psychiatric manual DSM-5
Poster Handle Dapurps
Post Content
Generalized anxiety disorder exists. I think one has to demonstrate one's anxiety is indeed "general". Not only does one feel anxious while speaking to the psychiatrist, but one feels the same way while speaking to the doctor, the mechanic, the teacher, the cab driver. And then in other ways too, to demonstrate the "generalized" aspect of one's anxiety.

But you're right, shit that's normal is suddenly considered a mental disorder. Is your kid acting like a kid? Ah! ADHD! Give him amphetamines! You sad because your mother died a week ago? Ah, abnormal attachment issues and depression! Need drugs!

It's not all a scam, but the majority of it is.
 Quoting: KonspiracyKitty

Great post. also I back your GAD point. I have general anxiety to the point I get panic attacks almost everytime I talk to anyone
even family and friends. most is bull but some mental issues are real.
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