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Message Subject Psychiatry goes insane! Every human emotion now classified as a mental disorder in new psychiatric manual DSM-5
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have not seen the new DSM but I have the DSM IV

I just wanted to add a little information.
Does anyone know how the DSM works with a trained professional? First of all, why is the person even seeing the mental health professional (psychologist or psychiatrist)? Are you complaining to your Dr. ? That's the key - either you came there yourself with worries or forced to go (anger mgt., suicidal or have an addiction). There was a reason for being there.

A trained professional will go through the listed symptoms...frequencies and ask you many questions... for a diagnosis. It may take up to two or three visits to get a proper diagnosis, but remember all the information they receive will be straight from the client. Of course in most cases.

There are guidelines for each disorder and time frame and frequency of each emotions that are listed.

I have a master's in mental health counseling ...not practicing right now, but just sharing how the DSM is suppose to be used with a trained professional.
 Quoting: Indysmindy

Thoughts, feelings and behaviors are not symptoms.

The list of so-called "disorders" is becoming so long that every human characteristic is covered as some kind of pathology.
 Quoting: Vision Thing

Good note! I will check on what they call that and how - it's been a while since I interned with mental health. I will look at exactly what they call those thoughts, feelings and behaviours...

The Key is - "Maladaptive behavior"
and one does not go to mental health professioanl unless they feel they need help - or are ordered to go. Also, we are trained (ethically) not to try to diagnosis - family or friends (we know them too well) - it must be in a professional setting done by a professional. So, if the DSM V is including more disorders... it is written for those that are going to go seek help (or people committing them for a reason). I'm just saying...I wouldn't worry as of yet.... but... since this is GLP forumn ... and we are aware of the NWO and control factor heading our way... it the process maybe written up differently - who knows? ( maybe using Hilter's DSM soon? )
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